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Become a University of Digital Transformation

The digital world has created new business models and ways of working that were not possible or even imagined a decade ago. Universities, including OHIO, have been slow to move when it comes to adopting and deploying the latest technology to improve our processes, our student learning outcomes, our teaching environment, and our campus. Those that have invested in cutting-edge digital technology have made themselves more appealing to students and operationally more efficient.

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Digital transformation requires significant investment. We must be strategic in where we place that investment given current budget constraints in order to maximize return on investment. Areas where we invest will be focused on supporting our framework themes and specifically enhancing the overall student experience and transformational outcomes.

Our digital transformation plan will:

  • Re-envision the student experience through a comprehensive analysis of the student journey from recruitment through graduation with targeted investments to redesign areas of greatest need and highest value
  • Support recruitment, enrollment, retention, and persistence by leveraging predictive analytics and targeted, data-driven interventions
  • Improve access to institutional data by wisely investing in modern infrastructure and processes that reduce barriers while managing risk
  • Improve the velocity and accuracy of decisions by building analytical capability to interpret and act on institutional data
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our workforce by redesigning processes, infusing new ways of working and collaborating into our practice and automating activities that do not directly enhance the student experience
  • Partner with Southeast Ohio Broadband Coalition to expand broadband access throughout southeastern Ohio