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We value your ideas and input regarding how OHIO approaches the realization of new strategic direction. To help guide thinking about these various topics, here are five new questions to help advance the framework. These questions were first posed at the community engagement event on November 21, 2019.

Feel free to answer any or all of the following questions. Your answers will be delivered to and considered by University leadership as the institution moves forward on a new path.

Across higher education, we are seeing a shift toward a demographically diverse, older, and increasingly online student population. What do we need to do in terms of structure, process, and practice to prepare for this shift? How do we best recruit and support all students? 

Universities are pivoting to carve out unique niches or areas of focus, which helps to differentiate institutions from their peers. What are our distinctive strengths that can define our academic areas of focus?

One of our strategic framework themes focuses on research, scholarly, and creative activity that supports vibrant communities.  What is the distinctive role Ohio University could play in fostering vibrant communities?

Students increasingly seek academic programs and credentials that meet their anticipated career needs and help them make a positive impact in the world. How do we respond quickly to these changing needs while maintaining high-quality standards for education?

Looking beyond Ohio University and within your professional networks and discipline-specific knowledge and experience, what ideas are you seeing in higher education that we should consider adopting or adapting?

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