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We value your ideas and input regarding how OHIO approaches the realization of new strategic direction. During the fall semester, we posed two sets of questions and have gathered important input. Now, we ask for you to weigh in on imperative questions asked by our recently-selected agency partner as they begin discovery to develop a unified OHIO brand platform. 

Feel free to answer any or all of the following questions. Your answers will be delivered to and considered by University Communications and Marketing leadership as the institution begins work this spring to better define and elevate the university's brand.

In your own words, please describe Ohio University’s mission.

Describe Ohio University’s educational philosophy and how this philosophy extends to or overlaps with areas outside of academic programs and curricula (e.g. student life, extracurricular opportunities, internships, etc.)?

What are the University’s unique attributes? How would you differentiate the experience and education at Ohio University from other schools? Please provide examples.

What are the most popular programs offered in your college or academic support area? What makes them popular?

What do you feel is the ‘hook factor’ for your students, the ‘thing’ about OHIO they talk about the most?

How would you describe OHIO’s current brand story/identity?

If we were to tell our story most effectively, what should the three key takeaways for someone who views OHIO’s brand/marketing materials?

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