Ohio University

Reimagine Space Utilization and the University’s Footprint

An aerial photo of East Green on Ohio University Athens Campus

Our physical footprint is one of the highest expenses to the institution as it relates to capital and operational investment. Additionally, digital and technology needs are transforming the capital footprint and infrastructure needs of OHIO’s students, faculty, and staff. The traditional construction of facilities and space ownership are not generally conducive to
interdisciplinary engagement.

In order to maximize space utilization, enable flexibility for ever-changing programmatic needs and understand our capital investment needs, the initiative will:

  • Conduct a comprehensive study of space ownership, management, utilization and needs across the University
  • With a Digital Transformation University in mind, rethink how space should be deployed to meet the needs of a dynamic institution
  • Enhance and increase momentum towards sustainability goals and commitments
  • Realize a significant reduction in physical footprint through a mixed strategy of space assignment and room type cultural shifts, demolition, and public-private partnerships