Ohio University

Reimagine the Academic Enterprise

The traditional model for structuring institutions of higher education has value but also is incomplete in its ability to meet the needs of students now and in the future. As a forward-thinking university, we will deeply redesign structure, process, and practice to increase our ability to deliver the career-ready leadership skills to meet the clear value expected by students. We will deploy strategies that increase collaboration across units, create the ability to pivot faster as the world changes, and ensure a return on investment for the individual student and society.

Nursing students working in a practial lab

 An important part of reimagining the academic enterprise is exploring the changing nature of faculty roles and basic processes such as developing and modifying curricula, multidisciplinary research collaboration, and community engagement. We will focus on intentionally creating teams with expertise from essential disciplines to address problems and capture opportunities relevant to our students, our region, and our nation. The purpose of reimagining the academic enterprise is to:

  • Ensure total alignment of all administrative, academic, and academic support activity to the teaching, research, and engagement mission, delivered with an exceptional degree of quality and efficiency
  • Advance both the teaching and research missions by embracing variable teaching, scholarly activity, and service ratios for faculty
  • Eliminate redundancies, build effective incentive structures, drive operational efficiencies, and rapidly deliver market-responsive programs that call on multiple disciplinary lenses
  • Redesign curricular processes with a goal towards the ability to pivot—to rapidly launch new programs and to responsibly sunset ineffective and/or endof-life programs
  • Explore the development of innovative business models that promise return on investment and greater financial stability
  • Develop a rapid-response model for identifying and securing partnerships with community and global partners to address their challenges and extend our engagement ecosystem