Ohio University

Realize General Education Reform

A professor lectures in a conventional classroom

General education is intended to provide students with an academic foundation and a set of competencies that extend beyond their chosen pathway. While these goals remain relevant, changing national standards and expectations, growth of post-secondary dual enrollment opportunities and other transferred credit, and student expectations for streamlined enrollment processes are driving us to radically redesign our model. General education must respond to this reality while remaining accountable for the learning outcomes and competencies expected of our graduates.

Ohio University will revise its general education curriculum with the goal of launching a new curriculum in the fall of 2021 that will:

  • Provide a clear, easy-to-navigate curriculum that contributes meaningfully to student lifelong learning across all One OHIO locations and online
  • Prepare students with distinctive skills such as communication, critical thinking, and leadership that are highly valued by employers and central to lifelong learning in a globally connected world
  • Align with OHIO’s Common Goals and the Ohio Transfer Module (OTM) learning outcomes and requirements
  • Embed innovative opportunities for high-impact practices, linked co-curricular experiential learning, and evidence-based pedagogies

For more information on this faculty-led initiative as well as updates, please visit the website for Reimagining General Education