Ohio University

Catalyze Strategic Enrollment Strategy for Lifelong Learning

Shifting demographics among traditional freshmen and the shift towards more adult learners have forever changed what we must be as an institution if we are to thrive in the years ahead. In the last decade we have shifted from focusing somewhat narrowly on rising freshmen in Ohio to recruit students into hybrid and fully online programs, new face-to-face professional graduate programs, and undergraduate completion programs for adult learners from across the country. Now, we must accelerate that shift and further focus our enrollment attentions to attract more out-of-state undergraduate students, to meet adult learners wherever they are in the education continuum with certificate programs and professional development, and to nurture a lifelong relationship with every student, retargeting them for relevant opportunities from high school to retirement and beyond.

Students Gathering

Our greatest opportunities for growth come from adult learners, part-time students, and more diverse populations. We will prepare our campus for the needs of a diverse student body. We must maintain acute awareness of the competitive landscape and be prepared to shift accordingly. To these ends, we will:

  • Shift our enrollment efforts from heavily in-state undergraduate to a more balanced demographic aiming, to increase the overall percentage of adult learners and
    non-traditional students, transfer students, out-of-state and international students, and under-represented groups
  • Continue to grow the OHIO Honors Program
  • Coordinate and strengthen yield efforts centrally and across the system
  • Refocus our scholarship strategy to target our competitive peers and support retention and graduation goals
  • Deploy comprehensive marketing strategy to reflect needs and expectations of target audiences
  • Expand utilization with marketing and enrollment partners to deploy an aggressive enrollment strategy for online programs
  • Invest in more on-ground and digital marketing in regional hot spots and targeted out-of-state markets
  • Expand programming on regional campuses and online in response to workforce needs and/or in partnership with corporate partners
  • Explore a relocate strategy with regional campuses to increase the number of students who start at a regional campus and relocate to the Athens campus towards
    a goal of further supporting students’ educational attainment and life-long learning needs at OHIO