Ohio University

Amplify Research, Scholarly Productivity, and Creative Activity

Ohio University has long been active in a wide variety of research, scholarly, and creative activities across multiple disciplines. Basic research that focuses on knowledge creation remains a vital foundation of our research activity. As we seek to increase research productivity across our campuses, we recognize that we have significant strength in applied research in many areas that inform the development of a vibrant community. As a public university in rural southeastern Ohio with regional and extension campuses around the state and engaged in numerous collaborative research endeavors around the world, we can leverage our academic strengths to solve problems for our communities, state, and beyond.

A student and professor review fossils while doing research

Aligning with our vision for the future, we will focus on problem solving through research and discovery that builds and supports vibrant communities— research in fields such as healthcare, biotechnology, small business development, sustainability, energy and the environment, and more. Our institutional support of focused research will enhance recognition for our work and increase external funding. Furthermore, we will target support around initiatives that have the potential to scale for broader regional and global impact.

This new focus will include:

  • Increase applied research to inform the development of vibrant communities, leveraging expertise and scholarly activity that address challenges of our region
  • Support of research-funded positions that are strategically aligned to existing strengths, opportunities, and community and global needs
  • Expand partnerships with corporations and global partners who share our vision for building more vibrant, inclusive communities in ways that will yield national prominence
  • Leverage strong undergraduate research activity and the OHIO Honors program to become a national leader in engaged undergraduate research focused on building and enhancing community success
  • Strategically brand, market, and publicize Ohio University’s research and creative activity with this newly defined focus
  • Positively impact appropriate national rankings through increased research and creative activity and through faculty recognition and inclusion in international discipline-specific societies