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University leaders submit ideas for budget efficiency

At the request of President M. Duane Nellis and Provost Chaden Djalali, all academic college deans and administrative planning unit heads have submitted ideas for potential efficiencies in their particular areas as part of the initiative to Build a Dynamic Budget Model and Rebalance Budgets and to inform long-term strategic work to Reimagine the Academic Enterprise.

The documents submitted, which we are providing as part of this update, represent thoughtful ideas from leadership but should in no way be interpreted as finalized action plans. Specific decisions have not yet been made in response to this exercise.

College and unit leaders were given specific guidance for these plans as well as a set of principles against which they should weigh all ideas. Those guiding principals include:

  • Act with the best interests of Ohio University’s core mission of teaching, research and creative activity, and service foremost in our thinking and aligned to our Fearlessly First Strategic Framework.
  • Protect and prioritize student success, academic quality, and scholarly excellence.
  • Embrace accountability, shared governance, and shared responsibility.
  • Embrace data informed decision-making.
  • Communicate with one another about the decisions we make to ensure we have identified and addressed potential cross-unit impacts including consideration of all campuses and locations. 
  • Eradicate internal competition and duplication of courses, programs, services. 
  • Streamline programs and course offerings with a focus on clear pathways to completion, with higher impact, and well-defined value proposition. 
  • Prioritize areas for strategic growth such as OHIO Honors Program, professional development programs, and online education.
  • Reshape allocation of resources to position the university for new academic endeavors.
  • Take necessary near-term action in the context of longer-term institutional strategy.

Specific instructions for the submissions can be found in the memos below:

Memo and Instructions to Academic Leadership (PDF)

Memo and Instructions to Administrative Leadership (PDF)

The documents submitted in response to the instructions above can be found at the links below. As stated above, these submissions are not final action plans but rather represent data-informed strategic ideas from our leadership.

Academic College Documents:


Administrative Unit Documents: