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Ohio University is committed to promoting an atmosphere where understanding and acceptance of cultural and ethnic differences are ensured. A climate that represents and embraces different cultures enhances the University’s ability to provide all of its students with the experiences necessary to successfully compete and achieve in an increasingly diverse and complex society.

Diversity in all of its forms serves to enrich the distinct educational experience of OHIO students, faculty, and staff. There is no better way to learn about the world than to create an environment where students of diverse backgrounds—and indeed, students from all over the world—study, live, learn, and socialize together.

Ohio University is committed to equal opportunity for all people and is pledged to take direct and affirmative action to achieve that goal. In upholding its commitment, Ohio University will not accept racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry, or other forms of violations of human rights. Such actions are inconsistent with, and detrimental to, the values that we hold essential as an institution of higher learning.

Ohio University Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion

Higher education institutions across the nation are struggling with racism and discrimination on their campus. At Ohio University, we created a task force charged with the important task of making OHIO a more welcoming community for all. The task force is comprised of representatives from the five shared-governance Senates across the university -- Graduate Student, Faculty, Administrative, Classified and Student Senate. The co-chairs will be one faculty member and one student as determined by the membership. 


The charge of the task force is to:

  • Generate ideas and recommendations to help Ohio University become more inclusive and accepting
  • Research effective practices at other colleges and universities
  • Gather information and seek input from the many diverse constituencies of the OHIO community
  • Review ideas proposed by students, student groups, faculty, administrators, and classified staff
  • Explore the feasibility and effectiveness of proposed ideas and recommendations, and develop potential action steps
  • Work with the OHIO community to implement programs, events and initiatives based on input
  • Communicate transparently with all members of the university community


Committee Member

Representative of

Becky Salami,

Graduate Student Senate

Tianyi Cai,

Graduate Student Senate

Jivanto Van Hemert,

Graduate Student Senate

Charles Buchanan,

Faculty Senate

Julie White,

Faculty Senate

Devika Chawla,

Faculty Senate

Doug Grammer,

Administrative Senate

Gracie Freireich,

Administrative Senate

Marlene Jenkins,

Classified Senate

Janet Russell,

Classified Senate

Robert Pleasant,

Regional Higher Education

Alexis Apparicio,

Student Senate

Courteney Muhl,

Student Senate

Jeffrey Billingslea,

Student Senate

Keaton Bonomo,

Student Senate

Dr. Shari Clarke




More information about diversity-enhancing programs and resources at Ohio University can be found at the Office of Diversity and Inclusion website.


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