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Breakfast for Progress

An initative of Dr. Nellis, the Breakfast for Progress conversations call upon the more than 120 leaders from every facet of the University’s shared governance structure to develop a plan of action to address challenging issues and enable Ohio University to emerge as a leader in critical national dialogue.


August 29, 2018

Topic: OHIO for Ohio: Regional Engagement

Breakfast for Progress - August 2018


“We want to explore how we can become more interconnected through our regional and extension campuses in a way that will bolster our region and our ability to have a greater impact through access to excellence,” President Nellis said.








April 10, 2018

Topic: Becoming a Leader in Diversity and Inclusion

Breakfast for Progress - April 2018



“We must establish an environment at Ohio University where difference in all of its forms is welcomed and celebrated. We must be proud of the progress we have made thus far, while still not losing sight of the work that is yet to be done," President Nellis said.









January 31, 2018

Topic: Ensuring a Sustainable Financial Future for Ohio University

Dr. Nellis Speaks at the Breakfast for Progress


Friends, today we continue a conversation that has been ongoing since the earliest days of my presidency. It is a challenge that drives most all the decisions I make each day. A challenge we gathered together to tackle during the November Breakfast for Progress. A challenge so significant to the future stability of our University, that I thought it warrented a second gathering," 
President Nellis said.






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Nobember 29, 2017

Topic: Creating a Sustainable Financial Future

Breakfast for Progress Image, Nov 29


It is crucial that we develop a funding model that not only sustains the financial health of the university for the long-term, but allows us to invest strategically – in people, pedagogy, research, creative activity, and infrastructure – in order to better serve our students and to advance our university to new levels of national and international prominence,”
President Nellis said.






View Presentation from this Breakfast for Progress (PPT)



August 30, 2017

Topic: Sexual Misconduct

Dr. Nellis Engages with University Leaders during Breakfast


“As leaders at Ohio University, we face many complex and challenging issues. In addition to being role models, we should be models of our professional behavior overall,” said Dr. Nellis. “I would like to see us being a leader in the nation in this area. We need to foster a safe and supportive environment, preventing sexual misconduct. By working together to leverage our collective experience, expertise, and knowledge, I believe we can identify solutions that position Ohio University for continued pursuit of excellence,”
President Nellis said.