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Ohio University Faculty/Administrative
Staff Diversity Initiative

As educators, we know that multicultural competency is achieved most readily and meaningfully in a diverse educational environment. A climate that represents and embraces different cultures will enhance Ohio University's ability to provide all of its students with relevant experience to successfully compete and achieve in an increasingly diverse and complex society. One means of achieving this desired result is increasing the diversity of the student body. The other essential component to a diverse educational environment is increasing the presence of underrepresented faculty and staff.

To accomplish this goal, the Ohio University Faculty/Administrative Staff Diversity Initiative is being implemented, effective Sept. 17, 2004. This employment initiative provides guidelines to facilitate and achieve greater diversity amongst Ohio University's faculty and administrative staff. The program will be administered by the President's Office for Institutional Equity.

The initiative will add critical components to the current protocol for hiring new faculty and administrative staff. This is necessitated by the fact that we have not made adequate and sufficient progress over the past five years in our participation rates for women and racial minorities as faculty and staff. Therefore, we will immediately implement the following changes to our hiring protocol for tenure track faculty and full-time administrative staff positions:

  1. For full-time presidential appointments, there must be at least one candidate from an underrepresented group in each interview pool or the search will not be approved by the Dean, Vice President or planning unit head.

  2. All searches for permanent full-time presidential appointments must be national, show innovation, exhibit creativity, and reflect an aggressive effort to recruit qualified persons from underrepresented groups as a part of the process employed or the search will not be approved by the Office for Institutional Equity. Requests for exceptions to this standard must be approved by the Dean, Vice-President, or planning unit head prior to submission to the Office for Institutional Equity.

In addition to the changes in hiring protocol, there will be a mandated requirement that all supervisory positions include an evaluation of diversity accomplishment as a part of their annual merit determination. This requirement is mandated for all levels of institutional leadership and will be closely monitored by all planning unit heads.

The Diversity Employment Subcommittee will be established by the President's Diversity Advisory Council to assist with recruitment strategy development for faculty/staff search committees. This subcommittee will serve as a central resource for search committees seeking ideas and guidance on effective ways to recruit underrepresented candidates.

In instances where a hiring unit identifies a fully qualified person from a chronically underrepresented group but does not have an open faculty position, the hiring unit can propose an immediate interim faculty hire. Approval of such a hire will allow for an extra faculty position until the first department faculty vacancy occurs. The funds supporting the interim position will immediately be replaced by those resulting from the first departmental faculty vacancy. Funding for this effort will result in part from resources allocated to continuing vacant positions for which no successful search has been accomplished. Proposals submitted by a Dean or Vice President will be considered by the Provost on a first come basis.

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