Ohio University

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President's Council


Council Members


  • Elizabeth Sayrs, Ph.D.

    Dean Elizabeth Sayrs
    Interim Executive Vice President
    and Provost
  • Deborah Shaffer

    Deborah Shaffer
    Vice President for Finance and
  • Jason Pina, Ed.D. 

    Jason Pina
    Vice President for Student Affairs;
    Interim Chief Diversity Officer
  • Joseph Shields, Ph.D. 

    Joseph Shields
    Vice President for Research and
    Creative Activity; Dean, Graduate College
  • Tom Davis, Ph.D. 

    Tom Davis
    Interim Vice President for University
    Advancement; President & CEO of 
    The Ohio University Foundation
  • Renea Morris, M.Ed. 

    Renea Morris
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • John Biancamano, J.D. 

    • John Biancamano
    General Counsel; Legal Affairs
  • Jennifer Kirksey, M.A. 

    Jennifer Kirksey

    President's Chief of Staff
  • Eric Burchard 

    Eric Burchard
    Director of Government Relations
  • Jim Schaus, M.A.

    Jim Schaus
    Director of Intercollegiate Athletics