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What POLS Graduates Say 

"My MA degree in Political Science has opened doors for my career in state government in two states and two branches of state government. Within a week of finishing my degree I had a challenging position with the Ohio Legislature and have been given the opportunity to advance based in part on my credentials from OU."

Erin Jones, Local Government Liaison, Ohio Department of Development

"Since graduating from the MA program in Political Science at Ohio University, I have made advocacy a way of life. I now represent the interests of a major manufacturing sector of the US economy before the Administration and Congress. I practice daily the critical thinking and cross-cultural communication skills taught to me by OU's faculty of lifelong professors, recognized topical experts and former public administrators.

The curriculum illustrates how the hard interests of quantitative political analysis and economics and soft interests of relationship building, persuasion and concession influence polity making at the national and international level. OU Prepared me to work in Washington DC where a premium is placed on the capacity of an individual to understand policy making from vast vantage points."

Marybeth Kelliher, Senior Manager, International Trade, American Chemistry Council

"The MA program in Political Science at Ohio University is an ideal stepping stone on the road to earning a Ph.D. The coursework exposes students to a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge. Moreover, the faculty are keenly interested in sharpening students' analytical skills and are well positioned to place students in either policy positions or Ph.D. programs."

Gregg Bucken-Knapp, Director, Oslo Year Program, University of Oslo

"The MA program helped me to recognize that a career in public interest environmental law was for me. The program gave me a solid preparation for law school, and put me in a position to attend Harvard. My professors and courses examined the environmental issues about which I was concerned in a variety of contexts, including domestic politics, international relations, and the realm of social movements, and from a number of perspectives, including those critical of current economic and political systems. The material I read and wrote about and the discussions I have with my professors and fellow students were often better than those I have at Harvard. I haven't experienced anything like the support, guidance, and individual attention I received from the faculty since I left OU."

Jeff Baran, Law Student Harvard University

The Political Science program at Ohio University not only provided me with the education I needed to excel, but also the strong network of alumni has been an endless source of opportunity and support as well as the key to obtaining many of my career goals."

Scott Williams, Director of Government Relations, Ohio Farm Bureau