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Benjamin Banta 
Visiting Assistant Professor

211 Bentley Annex

Benjamin Banta is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science, specializing in International Relations. Ben did his undergraduate work at Purdue University, and received his Ph.D. from the University of Delaware's department of Political Science and International Relations (2012). At Ohio he teaches courses in international relations and the causes of war.

Professor Banta's areas of specialization are international and human security, war studies, American foreign policy, international relations and the Middle East, international ethics, philosophy of social science, and qualitative methods. His dissertation entitled "Humanitarianism and the Western Way of War," investigates the role that Western society's humanitarian impulse plays in how Western states organize and fight their wars.

His past research has covered refugee and forced displacement issues surrounding the Iraq War in the Journal of Refugee Studies, the confluence of new developments in Just War Theory and changes in the nature of modern warfare in the Review of International Studies, and methodological issues of studying discourse for its effects on social action in the European Journal of International Relations. Future research will involve a continued concentration on the evolving nature of war and security, especially with respect to the moral dimensions of new war-making tools such as drones and cyber warfare. He is also currently beginning a project in cooperation with a Delaware colleague that tackles how the various Islam-fueled crises and uprisings in the Middle East should be theorized as a feature of international society.