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Public Affairs Internship Program

Interns have worked at all levels of public life, from the court house to the White House. As an intern, you will receive on-the-job training and practical experience in government, in a non-profit organization, or  an interest group while earning academic credit.

What do interns do?

Interns work with a wide range of organizations and people. They are asked to do everything from copying bills to writing legislation that other interns copy. Some students work just a few hours a week; others work full-time; still others spread their internships over more than one semester. The choice is yours. The nature of your internship depends on what you put into it.

We want to be flexible in finding the right way to make your internship match your goals for school, for your career, and for the internship itself. If you are interested in finding an internship, we can provide information that will assist you. The Public Affairs Internship bulletin board, on the second floor of Bentley Annex, has information on organizations currently interested in OU Public Affairs Interns and is a great place to start your search. Also check out the resources link in the internship menu to find more online and campus resources for your internship search.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the program and its requirements; then start looking for your perfect internship! We are looking forward to your application.

Questions should be directed to Director Jay Ryu [] in the Department of Political Science.