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Global Leadership Center 

Political Science majors have the opportunity to participate in the Global Leadership Center (GLC). It is an interdisciplinary two year, 30 quarter hour program on global issues with emphasis on world problems and problem solving skills. Students enter GLC in the fall quarter of their sophomore or junior year.

GLC students work on global issues emphasizing team work, leadership skills, critical thinking, technological means of communication, public speaking, and research skills, all intended to expose students to the world beyond academia early on in their university careers. GLC students complete at least two international or cross-cultural projects by working with teams of students from overseas universities, first through the Internet and then by actually going overseas. Students participte in an overseas internship after their first year. Students can apply for admission in the winter quarter of their freshman or sophomore year.

Fore more information visit the GLC Web pages at, send an email to or call 740-597-2794.