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Published Policy and Procedure

Committee and Task Force History

Task Force on Policy and Procedure

During 2001 and 2002, the Task Force on Policy and Procedure reviewed the existing policies with the appropriate department, suggesting changes to some policies, and the elimination of others.

The first major result of their work was the establishment of a new process for the creation, revision, and elimination of policy and procedure statements (see Policy 01.001, "Preparation of Policy and Procedures").

The convenor of the Task Force was Gary North; Bob Hynes was project coordinator. Karen Carsey served as administrative assistant. The Chairs were Anita James (2001) and Nancy Prichard Crist (2001-02). The other members were:

  • Charlie Adkins
  • Margret Appel
  • Derek Bleyle
  • Deborah S. Daniels
  • Nicolette Dioguardi
  • Kara Dunfee
  • Tim Hartman
  • Butch Hill
  • James Hintz
  • James Kemper
  • Valaria McCabe
  • Barbara Nalazek
  • Mary Patacca
  • Gary Pfeiffer
  • Dick Piccard
  • Cheryl Riley
  • William Y. Smith

Policy and Procedure Review Committee

The Task Force was succeeded by the first incarnation of the Policy and Procedure Review Committee, which was created as specified by the version of Policy 01.001 that resulted from the Task Force's work and was in effect from 2002-05. Members of the committee were:

  • Margret Appel (Faculty Senate, 2002-05)
  • David Coleman (FOP, 2002-05)
  • H. Brooke Dagnan-Botts (Graduate Student Senate, 2004-06)
  • Deborah S. Daniels (Classified Senate, 2002-05)
  • John Dillon (AFSCME, 2002-05)
  • Nikki Dioguardi (Legal Affairs, 2002-05)
  • Mickey Hart (2004-05)
  • Herman ("Butch") Hill (Faculty Senate), Committee Chair (2002-05)
  • Sharon Huge (Administrative Senate, 2004-05)
  • Linda Lonsinger (University Human Resources, 2002-05)
  • Susan Loughridge (2004-05)
  • Annie Marsico (Student Senate, 2004-05)
  • Elizabeth Miller (Graduate Student Senate, 2005)
  • Mary Patacca (Finance and Treasurer, 2002-05)
  • Dick Piccard (Computer Services), Committee Secretary (2002-05)
  • Cheryl Riley (Administrative Senate, 2002-03)
  • Lauren Scotta (Student Senate, 2005)
  • Tonya Seelhorst (Classified Senate, 2005)
  • Christine Sheets (Administrative Senate, 2003-04)
  • Katherine C. Smith (Student Senate, 2002-03)
  • William Y. Smith (Institutional Equity), through 2004
  • Jamie Walter (Student Senate, 2003-04)
  • Michael Willits (Graduate Student Senate, 2002-04)

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