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SUPERCEDED on October 28, 2002

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Date Issued:     04/01/86

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All forms which are used as input to, or output from, the Computer Services (CS) computers must be reviewed and approved by the CS Forms Analyst before ordering from suppliers. This policy applies to both new form orders and to reorders even though there may be no changes in format.

Review by CS is necessary in order that programming requirements and operating requirements of the high speed printer are considered; i.e., weight of paper stock, type of perforations, method of attaching multiple part forms (crimp, glue, etc.), type and size of carbon, standard sizes of paper stock, conformity of layout with programs, vendor reliability for special forms, etc.


Using departments should determine the type of form required, purpose of form, data needed, approximate size, number of copies required, and prepare a draft copy of the form layout. (The Forms Analyst may offer assistance in the development if desired.) A meeting should be arranged with Forms Analyst for review.

The Forms Analyst will review the forms specifications with systems, programming, and operations areas and resolve any potential problems and/or discrepancies. The Forms Analyst will prepare a final copy of the form layout and list the ordering specifications.

A purchase requisition should be processed by the ordering department with five (5) copies of the final form layout and specifications attached. Three months lead time in ordering is necessary to allow for bidding and proofs.

Printers proofs should be reviewed by the Forms Analyst and the ordering department before giving final approval to the printer.

When forms are delivered, the Forms Analyst will arrange for test runs on the computer and will review the tests with the ordering department.

The Forms Analyst will maintain a history file of forms and a record of all problems with each form and with each supplier.

The CS Forms Analyst office is located in Computer Services Center and may be contacted by calling the receptionist (593-1608) and asking for the Forms Analyst.

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