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55.035:  Purchasing - Printing Procurement

SUPERCEDED as of May 21, 2009

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Approved on June 16, 2004Signatures and dates
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Initiated by:

Mary Patacca
Director of Procurement Services

Reviewed by:

Herman ("Butch") Hill, Chair
Policy and Procedure Review Committee

Endorsed by:

Gary North
Vice President for Administration and Finance

Approved by:

Stephen Kopp

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This policy establishes guidelines for the procurement of printing services from the Ohio University Printing Resource Center, and from external suppliers. The guidelines are in place to provide consistency in the design of printed pieces, and to ensure compliance with the laws of the state of Ohio in regard to printing procurement.


I.  Required Review

All requests for print jobs must be reviewed by the Publications division of University Communications and Marketing (UCM) for compliance with Ohio University graphic identity standards. A style guide describing existing standards is on-line at http://www.ohio.edu/ucm/styleguide/. Information can also be obtained by calling UCM at 740-593-2200.

II.  Internal Procurement - The Use Of Ohio University Printing Resources Center (PRC)

A.  University stationery (letterhead, envelopes, business cards, memo pads, etc.)

University stationery has been standardized. Submit all orders for such items directly to PRC.

B.  All other print-jobs

Check with PRC to determine if the department's printing specifications and timeline can be met internally. Use PRC whenever possible and practical.

III.  External Procurement - Use Of Outside Suppliers

A.  Location of Supplier

Outside suppliers of printing services must have an Ohio printing facility, or must have a facility in a border state (includes NY), or must have a facility in a reciprocal state - i.e., in a state which allows Ohio printing companies to do business with their state agencies. All departments are encouraged to use Ohio-based printing per the state's Buy-Ohio initiative.

B.  Competitive bidding

When indicated, printing procurement will be bid by the Purchasing and Contracting Office, per the guidelines set forth in Policy 55.007, "Purchasing - Competitive Bidding."


I.  Internal Procurement

A.  Placing an Order

Complex print orders often require a meeting with customer service staff at Printing Resources. Routine orders (fliers, invitations, forms, etc) can be sent through campus mail or by electronic submission. Direct reprints of an existing publication or stationery orders can be placed electronically through the Printing Resources website, http://www.ohiou.edu/printing/.

B.  Turn-around Time

Orders should be placed at least two weeks prior to the need. Average turn-around time is seven to ten working days on most print orders. A much shorter turn-around time is available by providing advance notice to Printing Resources. Emergency orders can and will be handled as expeditiously as possible, but priority will be given to departments that have prescheduled their printing needs.

C.  Publications review

A representative from the Publications division of UCM will meet regularly with PRC to review all orders. Orders in compliance with graphic identity standards will proceed as ordered. Orders not in compliance will be returned with information on how to comply.

II.  External Procurement

A.  General Procedure

A purchasing card may be used per Policy 55.074, "Purchasing Card," or a Requisition may be submitted to the Purchasing and Contracting office per usual department requisitioning procedures. After a Purchase Order has been placed, the department may deal directly with the printing firm in correcting proofs or making minor changes. Changes that substantially change specifications, or any changes in cost due to quantity or price changes, must be reported to the Purchasing and Contracting Office for authorization and revision to the Purchase Order.

B.  Publications Review

  1. Submission:  Anyone using an off-campus vendor must submit their projects for review to the Publications Division of UCM, as indicated above (Policy, sub-section I), prior to allowing a vendor to proceed with final printing. The following information will be needed by UCM:

    • PO number of order (if applicable)

    • Name of vendor

    • Description of print job and specifications

    UCM will generate an approval slip with an approval number, the PO number (if applicable), and the vendor name. A copy of the slip will be given to the client, and a copy will be retained by UCM.

  2. Use of the P-card:  Anyone using a p-card to pay for a print job should enter the approval number in the Item Remark section of the PARIS modify screen. Use of the p-card to proceed with a print job without UCM approval is a violation of University policy and may result in the limitation or suspension of p-card privileges.

  3. Use of a PO:  Whenever a PO has been used, UCM will send a copy of the approval slip to Accounts Payable. The approval slip indicates an OK to pay the vendor. Payment may be withheld if the print job has been finalized without UCM approval.


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. Policy and Procedure Review Committee

  2. Planning Unit Heads

  3. The Associate Vice President for Communications and Marketing


The following forms are specific to this policy:

  1. The Requisition is available on-line as a Microsoft Excel file, from http://www.finance.ohiou.edu/forms/index.htm#purchasing, and then scroll down.

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