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Investigation of Accidental Non-Radiation Injuries - University Employees

SUPERCEDED on January 6, 2004

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Date Issued:     01/04/78

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To reduce injuries by reducing unsafe or hazardous conditions and discouraging accident causing unsafe acts or practices.


The Department of Environmental Health and Safety

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for coordinating the investigation of accidental injuries.

Thoroughness of Investigation

Every minor or non-disabling injury will be investigated with the same vigor and thoroughness as serious injuries.

Minor or non-disabling injuries occur in a relatively substantial number. Proper and complete investigation of these injuries can be an effective injury prevention tool.

Supervisor Responsibility

The supervisor under whose direction the employee works is responsible for conducting the investigation. He should reduce his findings to writing in the University Injury Investigation Report form in triplicate: sending the original and the first copy to the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, the second copy to the Departmental Head, and the third copy to the immediate supervisor.

Procedure to be Followed Immediately after an Injury or Accident

The first step is to assure that the injured person receives proper medical care. The employee should be taken to the Occupational Health Clinic (or another medical facility) for medical evaluation and management. If assistance is needed in transporting the injured employee, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Telephone calls regarding an on-campus medical emergency should be placed to the Office of Security: 594-5056.

  2. The Office of Security will report to the scene of a medical emergency and either provide first aid and/or transportation or contact an ambulance service.

  3. If University Security is not available, telephone the Athens City Emergency Squad: 592-6624.

After the injured person has been properly cared for, the injury investigation procedure should be started promptly. To the fullest extent possible, all the conditions which existed at the time of the accident should remain until the investigation is completed.

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Review of Injury Investigation Reports

All Injury Investigation Reports will be reviewed by the Safety Officer in the Department of Environmental Health and Safety to assure that all pertinent information has been developed and that remedial action will be taken. In the case of serious or unusual injuries, the Safety Officer will thoroughly investigate the accident. A fact finding committee may be appointed to investigate the accident and to submit a report to the Safety Officer,

In some cases it may be desirable to secure photographs, drawings, or other exhibits as attachments to the fact finding report so that the facts involved in the accident will be clear. Reports should include detailed statements from all witnesses to the accident, as well as others who can provide information about the accident.

Follow-Up Action

It is important to note in the Injury Report the specific action that will be taken and the deadline for completion, Thereafter, the supervisor should follow-up to assure that the action has been taken.

After the investigation procedure is completed and remedial action is taken, the facts involved, findings developed, and remedial steps taken should be brought to the attention of all employees in the accident area and to those working on similar operations. The purpose is twofold:

  1. To provide additional safety training based on the facts involved in the accident; and

  2. To let employees know about the action taken to protect their safety.

It is desirable to get employee suggestions because of their intimate contact with actual working conditions. Also, participation by employees encourages their cooperation in avoiding unsafe acts or practices and in preventing future injuries.

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