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SUPERCEDED on September 21, 2005

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Procedure No.:   44.109

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Date Issued:     04/21/78

Issued By:       J. D. Matthews

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To provide safe employment and a safe place of employment for all Ohio University employees.


Safety shall be an integral part of all operations conducted by Ohio University personnel.


  1. The University Health and Safety Program has been developed in accordance with recognized health and safety standards. Safety Codes promulgated by the Ohio Industrial Commission, the Ohio Board of Building Standards, and the Ohio Fire Codes are the bases of the program. In addition, safety guides published by such authorities as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the National Safety Council and standards and regulations promulgated by the Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) are closely followed. Since these codes, regulations and standards cannot possibly cover in detail all operations conducted by University employees, "Shop Rules"* shall be developed for each shop and each other area of concern.

  2. The head of each department shall develop or direct each of his supervisors to develop rules for his shop or area utilizing the input of the employees within the shop or area.

    *National and State Safety Codes are minimum requirements. It would be impractical if not impossible to have specific requirements to cover every unsafe condition. Shop rules can be developed to meet the particular needs of that shops operation.

    The term "Shop" shall include such areas as:

    1. Maintenance Shops
    2. Custodial Operations
    3. Auxiliaries, i.e.,

      (a) Food Services and Dining Areas
      (b) Housekeeping

    4. Laboratories, i.e.,

      (a) Chemical
      (b) Biohazard
      (c) Industrial Technology
      (d) Fine Arts, i.e., silk screen operations, photography, etc.

    The above areas are not all-inclusive.

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  3. Shop rules then will be reviewed by the Safety Coordinator.

  4. Final approval for shop rules shall be the responsibility of the University Health and Safety Committee.**

  5. The Safety Coordinator shall, from time to time, review the shops' rules and make recommendations to the University Health and Safety Committee for appropriate changes.

  6. Shop rules shall be posted in a conspicuous place where they will be constant reminder to employees.

  7. Classified employees who violate the shop rules are subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the Ohio Revised Code, Section 124.34 and/or Handbook for Classified Employees of Ohio University.

  8. The Ohio University Health and Safety Committee will have three basic functions:

    a. creating and maintaining an active interest in safety,

    b. serving as a means of safety communications and,

    c. assuring compliance to the Revised IC-5 Code (Ohio Administrative Code, Chapter 4121:1-5) and other appropriate codes.

  9. University Health and Safety Committee's responsibilities should include:

    a. Charge departments with the responsibility to develop lines of responsibility for the implementation of the Health and Safety Program.

    b. Recommend specifications when departments plan to purchase equipment or materials.

    **This Committee will not replace the Safety Committee that is based on the Agreement Between Ohio University and Local 1699.

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    (c) Review individual department programs or plans and offer suggestions and recommendations regarding health and safety features involved.

    (d) Review safety complaints and recommend action to appropriate supervisory personnel.

    (e) Approve shop rules.

  10. Department heads may not be familiar with all standards, rules and regulations. If such be the case, information may be obtained by contacting the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, Telephone Number: 594-5521.

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