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42.120:  Campus Moving Services

SUPERCEDED as of October 19, 2007

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Approved on March 30, 2005Signatures and dates
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Initiated by:

Kim Wortman
Director of Campus Services

Reviewed by:

Herman ("Butch") Hill, Chair
Policy and Procedure Review Committee

Endorsed by:

Larry Corrigan
Interim Vice President for Finance and Administration

Approved by:

Kathy Krendl
Interim Provost

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This policy establishes guidelines for moving services to ensure that campus moves are conducted so as:


The Campus Services Department is responsible for moving University property within and between all University buildings and campuses. University moves should be initiated and coordinated by the Moving Department of Campus Services. This includes the procurement of moving services by in-house forces or by contract with external sources. Functions covered by this policy include:


Departments having a need for moving services should contact the Moving Department. Work requests should be made as far in advance as possible, because services will be provided on a first-come, first-service basis. However, every attempt will be made to accommodate needed schedules. Departments requesting these services will provide a University account number that will be debited with a pre-approved charge. A schedule of standard charges and an estimate of the charges for specific requested services will be available upon request through the Moving Department.


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. Policy and Procedure Review Committee

  2. Director of Property Management and Moving Services

  3. Planning Unit Heads


There are no forms that are specific to this policy.

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