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Administrative Professional Development Program

SUPERCEDED on March 27, 2006

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Date Issued:     10/03/81

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The University Administrative Professional Development Program is to prepare individual administrators to better serve the educational process, the academic community, and thus the institution as a whole by increasing the effectiveness of the staff member in a current assignment or preparing the individual to assume a position of new responsibilities at Ohio University. The spirit of the program is to permit the administrator and his/her supervisors maximum flexibility in planning the individual's professional development.


Any administrator serving the University on a presidential contract shall be eligible for consideration for the professional development program. Eligibility alone does not guarantee that a professional development leave will be granted.

Proposals will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

  1. Evidence of potential value of the professional development leave to the University.

  2. Performance of the individual in his/her administrative assignment.

  3. Potential contribution of the individual to the University following the professional development leave.

  4. Ability of the administrative unit to absorb the work or suspend responsibilities during the period of the professional development leave.


Professional development leaves can be of varied length. Leaves of up to three months will be at full pay. Longer leaves would only be granted if the nature of the professional development project necessitates such length. Rates of pay and assistance with expenses should be negotiated individually with the appropriate supervisors. Creative methods of proposing leaves are encouraged. It is not necessary for the leave time to be continuous.


An administrator on a professional development leave will still receive all eligible University benefits, e.g. insurance, retirement, worker's compensation, consistent with applicable law, rules and regulations.


An Administrator will discuss a proposal for a professional development leave with his/her appropriate supervisors to assure that the formal application will be of significant benefit to the University. Application for a professional development leave is to be made in writing to the appropriate supervisor. The supervisor will evaluate the administrator's application and send the application and his/her recommendations to the appropriate dean or Vice President. The evaluation should include a specific analysis on how the administrative unit will absorb the work load during the development leave.

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The Dean/vice President will review all applications in his/her administrative or college area and if supported will send them along with his/her recommendations to the Provost, who will review them and make recommendations to the President for final approval. The administrator will be given written notification of the action in a reasonable length of time. The application must include a well-considered plan presented with a reasonable degree of specificity, showing how the leave will contribute to the administrator's professional development and the goals of the institution.

If the leave is approved, a presidential contract will be issued. The terms of the leave will be clearly stated in writing in the form of an agreement between the individual and the appropriate supervisor and executive officer.


It is expected that, under normal circumstances, a staff member will return to Ohio University for a minimum of one additional year service following the leave period.


A report on the completed professional development leave shall be submitted in a form mutually agreed upon following the return of the administrator to his/her duties at Ohio University.

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