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To establish University policy and procedures for granting leaves of absence to administrative contract personnel


It is the policy of Ohio University to grant a leave of absence to permanent full-time and part-time contract administrators without pay, for any of the following reasons:

A. Medical (the protection or recovery of health for an extended period of recuperation).

B. Maternity (pre-delivery, delivery and recovery times).

C. Disability (extension of medical or maternity conditions).

D. Parental (child care following maternity leave or adoption).

E. Personal (the professional development of the employee and, thereby, his or her increased effectiveness to Ohio University, or other reasons, to be approved through the procedures indicated below).

F. Extended military service.

The types and maximum duration and limitations of unpaid leaves of absence that may be granted by this policy are:


A medical leave of absence for a period up to six (6) months may be granted for non- pregnancy related illness or an injury of an employee which prevents the employee from performing the substantial and material duties of his/her position. Excepting work related illness or injuries, no medical leave of absence will be approved unless the employee has exhausted all accumulated paid sick leave. The University will continue insurance coverage for the period of medical leave.

  • An unpaid leave of absence for maternity purposes, for a period up to six (6) months, without the requirement to exhaust accumulated sick leave; the leave many include reasonable pre-delivery, delivery and recovery times (child care leave is covered under (4), Parental Leave of Absence of this policy). The length of any maternity leave must be certified by a written statement from the employee's physician that the employee is unable to perform the substantial and material duties of the employee's position. The University will continue insurance coverage for the approved period of maternity leave.

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  • In the event of a disabling illness or injury that continues beyond a medical or maternity leave of absence, an employee may be granted a disability leave of absence, provided the employee submits a written physician's statement that the employee is unable to perform the substantial and material duties of his/her position. Insurance coverage will be continued during the period of disability leave, but only for that period which does not exceed a total period of combined medical/maternity and disability leave, and, in no case, will insurance coverage be continued beyond a maximum of six (6) months for any period of leave.

    To be eligible for such leave, the employee should make written application to the Department Head at least ten (10) calendar days prior to the last day of medical or maternity leave of absence, simultaneously submitting the physician certification.

    A contract administrator on disability leave shall retain reinstatement rights to his or her position for three (3) years from the date contributing service in the state retirement system terminated; or, in the case of a contract administrator who has been granted a disability retirement through PERS, the period of reinstatement shall be in accordance with the prevailing rules of the state retirement system. An employee who wishes to be reinstated must make written application to his/her department head and must pass a physical examination showing that the employee has recovered from the disabling illness or injury and can perform the substantial and material duties of the position. The physical examination shall be given by a licensed physician designated by the University or in the case of disability retirement, by a physician designated by PERS. No application for reinstatement shall be valid if filed after the date that an employee is eligible for service retirement with PERS.

  • Parental leave is unpaid leave granted to an employee for child care following maternity leave or child care following adoption. An administrator is entitled to parental leave provided the following general conditions are met:

    a. Leave will be granted only after one year of continuous employment with Ohio University.

    b Reasonable and adequate notice to include the approximate dates of leave must be given to the

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    department head. Such notice should be provided to the department head no less than one month prior to the expected starting date of the leave.

    c. In no case may the leave be granted for more than three (3) months following termination of maternity leave or date of adoption.

    d. Either parent is eligible. In case both parents are contract employees, both are eligible for leave, but not at the same time.

    e. A department head has no right to deny parental leave if the request is in accordance with the above procedures and guidelines.

  • The Provost or appropriate Vice President of a contract administrator may approve a personal leave without pay upon the favorable recommendation of a department head to maintain the employment status of an employee whose performance record, in view of the department, warrants it, and whose request is for sufficient cause. Personal leave, except for education and training, should not exceed six (6) months, nor occur more frequently than once in three (3) years A basis for personal leave may include but is not limited, to the following reasons:

    a. Education, training or specialised experience which will improve the employee's job skills (up to one (l) year).

    b. Extended care for illness or injury of a member of an employee's immediate family, when an employee has exhausted all accumulated sick leave, and when satisfactory evidence is provided to demonstrate the employee is needed to care for the family member.

    c. A personal hardship sufficiently documented with valid reasons of a compelling need for a reasonable period of personal leave.

    Insurance coverage shall NOT be continued during periods of personal leave of absence unless the employee agrees to pay all premiums.

  • Extended military leave without pay shall be granted in accordance with State and Federal laws to employees with Ohio University, who are inducted or otherwise required to enter military service and/or active duty for training

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    Upon application within ninety days of separation From extended active duty, the employee shall be reinstated to his or her former administrative position, or to a similar position. An employee on military leave of absence forfeits reinstatement rights if he or she re-enlists or voluntarily extends an original tour of active duty.

    Employees who are members of the Ohio National Guard or a reserve component of the armed forces are eligible for military leave without loss of pay for occasional periods of field training or active duty not to exceed a total of thirty-one calendar days in any one calendar year. Such leave will be in addition to regular vacation time and there is no requirement that the service must be in one continuous period of time. The maximum number of work days for which salary may be continued under this provision is twenty-two (22) days in any one calendar year.

    Payment for periods of active duty in excess of thirty-one days in any one calendar year because of an executive order issued by the President of the United States or an Act of Congress will be in accordance with Section 5923.05 of the Ohio Revised Code.

    a. Group insurance coverage will continue for any period of paid military leave. For periods of unpaid military leave, the employee may elect to continue his or her then current insurance coverage by self-payment of premiums, or the employee may elect the COBRA continuation option.

    b. If otherwise eligible, any unused vacation leave of an employee who is a reservist or a member of the National Guard, may be used contiguous to his or her recall to extended active duty.

    A copy of military orders must be included with an employee's request for military absence.


    Any leave of absence for a contract administrator must be requested in writing and should be approved-or denied in writing. The employee may appeal denials through the grievance process provided for in Procedure No. 41.011 in the Ohio University Policy and Procedure Manual. Requests for leaves should include the following:

    A. Length of leave (beginning and ending dates).

    B. Specific reason(s) for the leave.

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    C. What effect, if any, on accrued sick leave and vacation.

    D. What effect, if any, the leave will have on promotion opportunities and/or tenure.

    E. What effect, if any, the leave will have on salary conditions.

    F. Provisions for group insurance coverage during leave.

    G. Retirement system contribution arrangements.

    All employees requesting any leave of absence prescribed by this policy must submit their written request with all required documentation, to their Department Head as far in advance as possible, but, absent extreme hardship, not less than ten (10) days prior to the proposed date of leave, unless otherwise indicated.

    A contract administrator may elect to continue on the University Group Insurance plans, when permitted, during the period of leave by self-payment of premiums. Contract employees on medical, maternity, or parental leave will have their health, disability, and major medical premiums paid by Ohio University for the duration of the approved leave. If the individual going on leave does not elect to continue on the group insurance plan during the period of the leave, there will be no waiting period before coverage is resumed upon return to full employment.

    The University contribution toward retirement will continue for administrators on approved leave of absence providing:

    A. The leave is consistent with the Public Employees Retirement System membership requirements.

    B. The contract employee is willing and able to contribute his/her normal retirement contribution of the period of leave.

    C. That all other avenues of funding the University retirement payments through grants, contracts, or other means, to the University have been exhausted.

    D. The Provost or appropriate Vice President for the employee's area of employment deems the leave to be of future benefit to the University and that the Provost, or the appropriate Vice President gives in writing advance approval for payment.

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    When a leave of absence has been approved an ADDENDUM TO CONTRACT will be completed recording the period and conditions of the leave. Copies of this document, along with the request for leave, will be sent to University

    Personnel Services and the payroll office. All required signatures will be affixed to the document before distribution is made. Any other terms and conditions of the leave of absence shall be reduced to writing and attached to the Addendum to Contract.

    Upon return of the employee from an approved leave of absence, the employing department head shall furnish a written notification to University Personnel Services, with a copy to the payroll office, indicating the return date.

    Necessary medical clearance, where applicable, should be arranged for by the employing department head.


    1. Cancellation of Leave: If it becomes apparent the leave of absence is not actually being used for the specific reasons it was requested and/or granted, the leave may be cancelled by the granting authority.

    2. Other Benefit Restrictions: An employee will not receive salary for any holidays observed nor accrue sick leave or vacation credit during any unpaid leave of absence.

    3. Restoration of Lost Retirement Service Credit: An employee granted a leave of absence and who loses service credit with the State retirement system, may determine their eligibility to restore lost credit by contacting the State retirement system.

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