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Military Leave for Classified Employees

SUPERCEDED on January 7, 2008

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Procedure No.:   41.127

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Date Issued:     05/01/79

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To provide a uniform policy for military leave of absence and to establish reemployment procedures following military service.


It is the policy of Ohio University to grant military leave of absence without pay as required by State and Federal laws to permanent employees with at least ninety days of employment with the University who are inducted or otherwise enter military service. The duration of a leave of absence for military service will be subject to the provisions of the Ohio Revised Code in effect at the time.

Employees who are members of the Ohio National Guard or a member of a reserve component of the armed forces are eligible for military leave without loss of pay for occasional periods of field training or active duty not to exceed a total of thirty-one calendar days in any one calendar year. Such leave will be in addition to regular vacation time and there is no requirement that the service must be in one continuous period of time. The maximum number of hours for which payment may be made in any one calendar year under this provision is 176 hours.


A formal written request for military leave of absence must be submitted to the employee' department head at least two weeks in advance, when possible, of the first day of leave (See Procedure No. 40.033). Classified employees should use PER Form 16 for this purpose. A copy of the inducts or enlistment notice will be attached to each request.

Those persons filling a position of an employee on military leave will be advised that the position is temporary and that the employee on military leave has reemployment rights. (An employee on military leave forfeits reinstatement right if he/she reenlists or voluntarily extends the original tour of active duty.)

To be eligible for reinstatement an employee granted a military leave must make application within ninety days of separation from extended active duty. A copy of the discharge or certificate of service must be submitted with the request for reinstatement. The employee will be reinstated within thirty days of such request to his/her former position, provided the position has not been abolished, or to a similar position.

For occasional short periods of field training or active duty, employees must furnish a copy of the military order which directs them to report for such training to their supervisor and the Personnel Department. Appropriate entries must be made on the employee's time sheet/card for the pay period(s) involved.

Group insurance coverage is discontinued during a period of military leave of absence. For short periods of field training or active duty, insurance coverage is not interrupted.

Other provisions of applicable State and/or Federal law will be observed in considering employment rights and benefits relating to veterans, members of the National Guard and other covered military components.

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