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Entertaining Official Guests of the University

SUPERCEDED on January 6, 2004

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Procedure No.:   41.123

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Date Issued:     03/01/96

Issued By:       W. Kennard

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To provide a policy for entertaining official guests of the University.


A. Persons having authority to approve expenditures for entertaining official guests of the University.

B. Generally, authorized purposes for incurring entertainment expenses are as follows:

  1. To establish and maintain effective external communication and relationships for the benefit of the University.

  2. To assist operationally in the utilization of early morning, noontime, and evening hours in conference activity with external clientele or prospective employees of the University, thus expanding the available working hours for such purposes, with individual guests or small groups of guests.

C. The number of university employees to assist in the entertaining should be kept at a minimum.

D. The spouse of an employee included in official entertainment of guests of the University must serve a bona fide business purpose of the University. The mere presence of a spouse does not indicate a bone fide business purpose. The spouse must aid the employee in his/her business duties, not simply perform some incidental service.

E. Generally, entertainment is not authorized for colleagues within the University except as provided for above.

F. The basis for reimbursement and/or payment of entertainment expenses shall be actual reasonable costs supported by original receipts or vendor invoices. Reimbursement for costs of, or payment for, alcoholic beverages will not be authorized.

G. Any deviation from this policy must have the Provost's written approval prior to the entertainment. A copy of the approval should be submitted with the requisition for payment.

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H. Procedure for requisitioning payment or reimbursement:

  1. Entertainment expense report form No. EE1 (Exhibit A) must be completed as described below and submitted within 30 days after expenses are incurred. If submission occurs later than 30 days after expenditure, an explanation for the delay must be provided.

  2. Documentation should include date and location of event, type of entertainment and amount to be paid, persons included and their business relationship to the University, and the business purpose of the meeting, i.e., the subject of discussion or the benefit to the University.

  3. Original receipts must be submitted. Credit card receipts are not acceptable.

  4. When form No. EE1 has been completed, it should be forwarded along with the payment requisition (or travel expense report) to the appropriate University official for approval (paragraph A), from which it should be forwarded to Budget or Grants.

  5. Where direct payment is requested to more than one vendor, a copy of the entertainment expense report form should be attached to each requisition.

I. Form No. EE1 may be ordered from the Central Storeroom, Stock No. 7.6260.

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