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SUPERCEDED on October 28, 2002

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Date Issued:     7/01/98

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To provide a uniform policy and procedure for the review of prospective presidential contract offerings by the Office of Institutional Equity.


Contract positions are all faculty and administrative staff positions under presidential contract.


It is the policy of Ohio University that aggressive efforts will be made to recruit under represented minority group members, women, persons with disabilities, veterans, and Vietnam era veterans for position openings. Further, it is the responsibility of each planning unit head to ensure compliance with University affirmative action requirements as outlined in the Ohio University Affirmative Action Plan.


  1. Each planning unit head shall, prior to the extension of either an oral or written offer of employment, assure compliance with affirmative action requirements. The method of establishing evidence of compliance shall include:

    a. Posting of contract position by University Human Resources.

    b. Completion and approval of the Affirmative Action Recruitment Report.

  2. Upon completion of the Recruitment Report, the planning unit head shall forward to the Office for Institutional Equity for the purpose of review, the Recruitment Report and evidence of compliance with affirmative action guidelines.

  3. The Office for Institutional Equity shall review the completed Recruitment Report, and any additional information which the department may wish to submit, for the purpose of determining the department's sufficiency of compliance.

    Following review, the Office of Institutional Equity shall indicate concurrence or nonconcurrence with the report. When there is concurrence, the department will be authorized to initiate an offer of employment under the provisions described in the Recruitment Report. Where there is nonconcurrence, the Office of Institutional Equity shall advise the planning unit head as to the reasons and consult with the planning unit head to achieve resolution.

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