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Emergency Employee Appointments

SUPERCEDED on April 21, 2008

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Procedure No.:   40.052

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Date Issued:     04/23/90

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To provide a uniform policy and procedure for the use of and appointment to emergency positions.


An "emergency appointment" is an unclassified appointment to a position to meet an emergency situation, not subject to civil service law, and limited to a maximum of thirty (30) calendar days.

When the need for emergency employees is recognized, departments will notify the Employment Area of University Personnel Services by providing supporting documentation establishing that an emergency exists, and stating the duties and qualifications of the position(s) required. Civil Service Law requires this notification Prior to the employment of any individual in an emergency position.

An emergency appointment will be automatically terminated on the thirtieth (3Oth) calendar day by University Personnel Services. University Personnel Services must be notified of the last day worked by an emergency appointee, if the appointment is terminated or ends prior to the thirtieth (3Oth) calendar day.

Consecutive emergency appointments will not be made to the same classification position or to similar classification positions. Upon expiration of an emergency appointment, the position shall be terminated or may be filled by a permanent, temporary or intermittent appointment.


Emergency appointees will not normally be subject to a physical examination, but they must have a current application on file with University Personnel Services. They must also have had a pre-screening interview and possess the necessary qualifications to fill a position, including the completion of all required examinations.

Emergency appointees will be paid at the rate equal to the rate of Pay Range 7, Level 1, Pay Schedule X.

A longevity supplement is not authorized during an emergency appointment, nor will emergency appointees be paid for any holiday, unless they are scheduled and work on a day observed as a holiday. This type of scheduling should be avoided.

An emergency appointee will have the option to request exemption from membership in the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS).

As an employee not subject to civil service law, emergency appointees do not accumulate vacation or sick leave benefits. Emergency employees are not entitled to insurance coverage or

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educational benefits. Service for time served on an emergency appointment is not credited toward the probationary period of any subsequent regular appointment, nor is the time counted for vacation tenure.

Payroll sign-up procedures for emergency appointees will be scheduled and conducted by University Personnel Services.

A performance evaluation will be required for all appointments extending beyond fifteen (15) calendar days. University Personnel Services will send an emergency employee evaluation form to the employing department for completion.

An emergency appointee may bid on other vacant positions and will be considered as an outside applicant to fill any permanent, temporary, or intermittent vacant positions.

Employees holding a classified or contract position will not be eligible for appointment to emergency positions.

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