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Date Issued:     11/15/99

Issued By:       Gary North

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To provide a policy which encourages the recognition of employees at all levels for outstanding, results-based performance. The spirit and intent of this policy is to recognize and reward value added and results-based performance of employees through well-defined, authorized recognition programs.


A. Department heads may, with the approval of the appropriate vice president or dean, establish a mechanism for rewarding employees for their outstanding achievements.

B. To ensure fairness, consistency, and effectiveness, the department or Planning Unit Head will consult with the Compensation Team of University Human Resources (UHR) to design the program. Approval of the design by UHR is required prior to program implementation. To receive permission to establish a recognition program, the form in Appendix A must be used.

C. Recognition programs will be at the discretion of the department head (and funded through departmental budgets) and may take many forms (i.e., cash awards, pins, plaques, picnics, banquets, etc.) Expenditures must be consistent with established University policies, e.g., 03.016 Foundation Expenditures, 41.123 Entertaining, and the 55.* series relating to purchasing.

D. The programs will be audited annually (by VP for Finance Internal Audit staff in conjunction with UHR) to ensure effectiveness, consistency, and compliance.

E. This policy includes awards funded by the Ohio University Foundation. To do so requires conformity to O.U. Foundation policies and procedures. 03.016.


Department heads must submit a written description of the proposed recognition program to the appropriate vice president or dean. For approval, using the form in Appendix A, a copy of the approved plan should be sent to University Human Resources.

  1. Please note for awards in this category, the recipient must have demonstrated exemplary performance with outcome-based, measurable results (e.g., completion). Cash awards of greater than $25.00 to employees must be paid by requisition through the Payroll Office where appropriate taxes and retirement will be withheld. Cash awards under the guise of this policy will not exceed $1,000 net (after deductions) per individual. The payments will be reported for tax purposes on each employee's W-2 Form at the end of each calendar year.

  2. All other awards such as cash of $25.00 or less, payments for equipment, plaques, pins, banquets, etc. must be processed through Accounts Payable, Purchasing, or O.U. Foundation per established policies.

  3. All requests, to requisition for cash payment or award purchase, must include a copy of the pre-approved plan/form.

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