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Formation of Alumni Organizations and Sponsorship of Alumni Activities

SUPERCEDED on March 31, 2003

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Date Issued:     01/13/89

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To provide colleges, schools, and departments within the University with the policy and implementation procedures for establishing constituent alumni organizations and sponsoring alumni activities.


Ohio University officially recognizes only one Alumni Association. All special constituent alumni organizations, clubs, groups, or societies must be chartered by the Ohio University Alumni Association in accordance with its bylaws and directives. Failure to conform to the following procedures can result in the revocation of the constituent society's charter.


  1. Establishment of Constituent Alumni Societies and Organizations.

a. The Ohio University Alumni Association, the official alumni association of the institution, grants charters to constituent alumni groups. These groups may represent colleges, schools or departments with academic interests. No school or department will be chartered unless its "parent" college already has organized a society. The Alumni Association recommends the designation "Society of Alumni and Friends"; the term "association" may not be used to designate a constituent alumni group.

b. The Director of Alumni Relations of Ohio University shall be contacted about procedures for establishing alumni societies. The Bylaws of the Ohio University Alumni Association define the procedures for establishment of constituent alumni societies and organizations. Adherence to these procedures is required of all University components desiring to form constituent alumni societies or organizations. The procedures outline the requirements pertaining to membership and administrative policy of a constituent alumni society.

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  • Sponsorship of Alumni Activities
  • a. The Office of Alumni Relations

    will assist University units planning and/or sponsoring alumni activities on campus. Constituent alumni societies and organizations may plan and/or sponsor a number of alumni programs.

    b. Communications

    The Office of Alumni Relations, which coordinates all Alumni Association programs, must be consulted in advance of all planned alumni activities sponsored by colleges, schools, and departments of the institution. Announcements of constituent alumni activities and programs must first be cleared with the Office of Alumni Relations to ensure that no scheduling conflicts occur.

    All communications from the societies, including minutes of meetings, announcements of events, agendas, newsletters, and flyers must be routed on a regular basis to the Office of Alumni Relations by including the Office of Alumni Relations on the society's internal mailing list. Official publications of constituent societies must state that the society is officially chartered by, recognized by and affiliated with the Ohio University Alumni Association. (Please refer to Policy and Procedure 31.010 for procedures concerning periodicals and newsletters distributed off campus.)

    c. Chapters

    The Ohio University Alumni Association is assigned the tasks of forming, maintaining, and programming of alumni chapters. These geographic chapters are established for general alumni interest and are not to be initiated by constituent societies or organizations. This is not meant to discourage constituent societies from sponsoring alumni events for their graduates in geographic areas.

    d. Mailing Lists

    The Office of Information Services develops and maintains all alumni mailing lists, and makes labels available for approved publications. Constituent groups who wish to obtain mailing lists and/or labels must submit a written request to the Office of Information Services, which, in consultation with the Office of Alumni Relations, must approve such

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    requests. Forms outlining the requests are available from the Office of Information Services.

    e. Fund Raising

    All constituent societies must consult the Development Office if they plan to conduct fund-raising projects or charge dues. (Please refer to University Policy and Procedure 37.001 on Fund Raising from Private Sources.)

    f. Logo Design

    The Ohio University Alumni Association has an official logo which symbolizes alumni involvement. The logo must be a component of all printed materials of constituent alumni societies and organizations. Official alumni association designs for constituent society letterhead are available at no charge from the Office of Alumni Relations.

    g. Services

    The Ohio University Alumni Association sponsors a number of special membership service programs for all alumni. These include an alumni travel program, life and health insurance, a merchandising program and a loan and credit card program. Constituent societies cannot sponsor any special service programs without prior approval of the Executive Director of the Ohio University Alumni Association.

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