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Employer Recruiting of Ohio University Students

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Date Issued:     09/16/85

Issued By:       J. S. Rudy

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Responsibility for On-Campus Recruiting Activities:

All recruiting activities should be arranged through the Office of Career Planning and Placement. Recruitment activity should take place in the Office of Career Planning and Placement. Additionally, the office should continue to be consulted, where appropriate, with respect to such recruitment-related activities as cooperative education programs, summer internships, graduate school applications, and summer overseas and study ventures.

For clarity's sake, recruitment activity shall be understood to mean any formal inquiry, request or visit by an outside agency, business or institution, the primary purpose of which is to interest the students in employment, service or educational opportunity with that agency, business or institution. In all such cases, the Director of Career Planning and Placement should be regarded as the university's authorized responsible official, unless overruled by the senior administrator to whom the director reports.

This policy should not be seen to conflict with the frequent personal and confidential inquiries made to faculty members and deans for professional position openings.

Activity other than recruiting:

Very often, employers provide lecturers, films, speakers, specialized assistance and other forms of support to the educational prograns of Ohio University. Where these activities are not directly related to the recruiting effort, it is understood that the Director of Career Planning and Placement's approval of arrangements need not be sought, although the cooperation of faculty, students and employers in keeping Career Planning officials informed of such developments is strongly encouraged as being in the best interest of Ohio University. Further, the Director shoul make available to the faculty and students the names of employers who are prepared to contribute to the university in these ways.

Open discussions with recruiters:

When a student, faculty member or organization affilated with Ohio University wishes an open discussion of the activities or policies of visiting employers, such requests shall be made known to the Director of Career Planning and Placement in advance of the employer's regularly scheduled visit to Ohio University.

Demonstrations or protests:

Ohio University is proud of its tradition of free and open discussion of public issues. Demonstrations or protests against the presence of recruiting organizations shall be subject to the provisions of the Code of Student Conduct. Should the Director of Career Planning and Placement feel at any time that the activity of protestors violates university policy, the Director will notify appropriate authorities, including, but not limited to, the senior officer in charge of the area and university security. Students involved in such disruption may be subject to appropriate university disciplinary action and/or civil or criminal action. Non-students may be subject to civil or criminal action.

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