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Use of Learning Resources Center Equipment

SUPERCEDED on January 30, 2003

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Date Issued:     04/21/86

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To provide policy and procedure for loan and use of Learning Resources Center equipment.


Who May Use Equipment

It is the policy of Ohio University that Learning Resources Center equipment will be made available for use in classroom instruction, curricular-related functions, and conferences conducted by faculty, students and administrative staff, and by recognized student groups and University-related organizations.

Equipment will not be loaned for non-university related functions in non-university buildings. The limited budget and limited amount of equipment available does not permit the Center to extend its services beyond the University.

Operator Requirements

Operators are provided when requested for classroom motion picture and multi-media showings. A faculty member or designated substitute must be present for such showings.

All public address systems larger than lecternettes must have an operator from the Center. Non-university organizations holding functions in university buildings must have an operator from the Center for all equipment used.

Equipment Loan Priorities

The Learning Resources Center will honor each request for equipment usage on a first-come-first-serve basis, although first priority for equipment use will be for classroom instruction.

Advance Notice Required

The Center must be notified a minimum of one work day in advance of scheduled use to assure availability of equipment, delivery, and services of an operator if required. All requests must be received at the Center by 3:00 p.m. of the work day prior to the use date.

Equipment Delivery or Pickup

Depending upon staffing levels, certain heavy and bulky equipment items will be delivered to the place of use for instructional,

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administrative, and curricular uses. High risk equipment such as cassette recorders must be picked up at the Center. Recognized student groups registered with Student Life Programs must pick up and sign for equipment so that responsibility can be assigned to the students involved in the same way that instructional and administrative groups are responsible. The equipment must be used in university buildings. The College Inn and the University Inn are defined as university associated buildings in terms of equipment usage.


There are no charges for most of the Center's services and products if used by University faculty for classroom academic credit instruction although the Center reserves the right to limit quantities. A charge will be made for cassette and reel-to-reel tapes retained by the user.

Charges will be assessed to government sponsored projects, research contracts, university related organizations, and to all users for services which are not intended solely for direct academic credit classroom use.

If equipment is damaged, the organization having used the equipment must assume responsibility for payment of repair.

A charge schedule for equipment use is available at the Center.

Public Address Systems

The Center will operate and maintain new or existing permanently installed public address systems on campus as long as Learning Resources Center has the sole responsibility of maintenance.

Funds must be assured, by the owners, that will enable Learning Resources Center to maintain these systems in good operating condition.

The Center will not be held responsible for the performance of these systems if maintenance funds are not available or if the systems become antiquated to the point that repair parts are no longer available.

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Equipment Available

The Center has a moderate-sized collection of audio-visual equipment for instructional use, including:

Multi-image projection (involving several projectors, a tape recorder, and synchronizer) can be scheduled for the Center's multi-media preview room by calling the Center to reserve the time and date.

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