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SUPERCEDED on October 28, 2002

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Date Issued:     11/21/96

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The library has extremely limited faculty study space. The term "faculty study" refers to one of 36 enclosed spaces that can be locked and in which materials used during intensive library research can be secured. In order to provide equitable use of these facilities, the following policies and procedures have been established.


Faculty study assignments will be made by the Associate Dean of Libraries in consultation with a committee of faculty members of the University Library Committee.

Assignments will be made upon application of a faculty member who has a specific need to work closely with the library collection for a specific length of time. Assignments will be made for an academic quarter. An academic quarter includes the instructional period and the intersession that follows it. Renewals are possible, following the same procedures for initial applications, as outlined below.


Thirty-three studies will be allocated to faculty and three studies will be retained by the Library for discretionary use.

Preceding each Fall quarter, faculty will be notified that applications for studies are being accepted. Applications must be received before the beginning of an academic quarter and will be screened by the Committee. The applications will be processed according to the following schedule:

    Fall       Summer
    Quarter    Quarters

    2nd Wk.    1st Wk.   Studies will be assigned to faculty

    3rd Wk     2nd Wk.   Unfilled studies will be assigned 
                         to doctoral candidates.

A $5.00 key deposit is required and will be refunded upon the return of the key.

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