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(NOTE: In some instances, a more comprehensive and current discussion of the issue is contained in the Faculty Handbook and Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletins.)

Basic Grading Scale

         LETTER GRADE           EQUIVALENT

                 A                  4.00
                 A-                 3.67

                 B+                 3.33
                 B                  3.00
                 B-                 2.67

                 C+                 2.33
                 C                  2.00
                 C-                 1.67

                 D+                 1.33
                 D                  1.00
                 D-                 0.67
                 F                  0.00 

The Pass/Fail Option

The pass/fail option is designed to encourage students to explore areas of study which they might otherwise hesitate to enter. It must be initiated by the student.

To be eligible for the pass/fail option, a student must have earned an average of 2.5 or better for his or her latest quarter of full-time enrollment, or have an accumulative average of 2.0 or better. First quarter freshmen will be considered as having met the above requirement.

The pass/fail option is subject to the following restrictions:

  1. Students may complete up to 20 quarter hours under this option.

  2. A student may take only one course per quarter by fall/fail.

  3. No course taken pass/fail may be used to fulfill any graduation requirement (college, school, or departmental) other than the total hours requirement. For example, courses taken pass/fail cannot be used to satisfy distribution requirements, 90-hour requirements of courses above a specified level, a specific course established as a for majors in a department major program, or any other such requirements. (Note: Restriction (3) does not apply to pass/fail taken prior to September 1976.)
  4. The student must complete the Pass/Fail Application Form and turn it in to his or her dean's office by the 14th calendar day of the quarter. No change can be made after this time.

  5. The professor is not to know who elects his or her course on the pass/fail option. A grade will be turned in at the regular grade processing time and will be converted to a P or F on the transcript. The grade cannot be retrieved.

Transfer Credit

All acceptable transfer credit in which grades of C- or better have been earned is converted to "T" on the student's permanent record. The number of quarter hours of credit which were earned is recorded on the permanent record, but no quality points are recorded. Transfer students, therefore, enter Ohio University with no grade-point average on the Ohio University academic records.

Normally D+, D, or D- grades are not transferable. However, if one has been earned in a course which was a specific prerequisite (as stated in the academic catalog of the prior school) to a course in which the student earned a grade of C- or better, then the course in which the D+, D, or D- was received will be accepted for credit earned, and the T will be recorded.

Grading System and Reports

At the close of session or upon the completion of a course, an instructor reports a letter grade indicating the quality of a student's work in the course. Once grades are submitted they are final and cannot be changed unless evidence of error can be presented. Grades cannot be changed by arranging to do additional work. Points are assigned for each quarter of credit earned according to the grading scale listed above.

In addition to the letter grades, a report of credit may be made. This is credit without a grade. Credit is added to the hours earned, but not added to the hours attempted for point-hour calculation. Credit is to be used for certain courses and only by prior approval of the Curriculum Council or in certain special cases by the dean of the college.

Progress. The "PR" is awarded only in graduate courses and undergraduate courses specifically designated by the department with the approval of the college dean. It indicates the student has made progress in the course in which he or she is registered but has not finished the work required for releasing a letter grade. Progress may extend longer than one quarter. It is not calculated in the grade-point average.

The student has not finished the work required to receive a grade. It is not counted in the grade-point average. Unless it is changed within the first six weeks of the next quarter enrolled, the "I" converts to "F" (an extension of time may be requested to run to the end of the quarter). When the student applied for graduation, any Incomplete grades on his/her record will be calculated at "F" grades for purposes of determining eligibility for graduation. If the "I" is not completed within six weeks after graduation, the grade will convert to "F".

Designation for a course dropped after the 14th day of the quarter.

The above four grades to not count in the grade-point average.

Other reports which will appear on the student's grade slip but which are not assigned by a faculty member:

Audit. A student registering for Audit is expected to attend classes consistent with the instructor's attendance policy. Failure to do so will result in removal of the audit from the students record. If this action results in a change of fees, the official University policy of refund of registration fees will be applied. Audited courses are not computed in the grade-point average or hours earned.

Administrative Incomplete. Given to a student who initially registers for a course but does not officially drop that course by change order. The "It" is given by the Office of Student Records and may be removed in accordance with rules established by the student's college. The "It" may be the result of a faculty member assigning a grade for which the course is not coded as legitimate. Until removed, an administrative incomplete will be computed as an "F" in the calculation of the grade-point average.

No Report. The instructor left the grade blank on the grade report. Grades were turned in too late to be processed.

Conversion of grades A through D under the pass/fail option. The fail ("F") grade counts in the grade-point average the same as any "F" grade.

A course for which graduation credit is not allowed or a course which has been repeated will appear on the transcript with double asterisks (**) on the same line as the course An explanation at the bottom of the transcript will state:

***Not counted toward graduation. Hrs. & Pts.

not included in totals for scholastic average.

This action occurs only after a form has been properly submitted by the student and approved by his/her college office.

Repeating a Course

When a course is repeated, both grades continue to be used to determine the accumulative point-hour ratio until the student applies for and completes a repeated course form, available in the office of the dean. A course may not be repeated for the purpose of raising the grade-point average after completion of higher level course work in the same subject area. Note also that courses taken at Ohio University and repeated at another school do not result in deduction of the first grade earned.


A course may be added only during the first 14 calendars days of the quarter and only with the permission of the instructor or departmental representative designated by the instructor. e departmental representative or the instructor approves the adding of a course by initialing the change order. After securing the approval, the student presents the change order form for the dean's approval. For information concerning fee changes, see the Schedule of Undergraduate Fees in the Undergraduate Catalog.


Students may drop any course through the fifth week (defined for the purpose of this policy as the 35th calendar day) of a term. The completed change order must be turned in by the student to the appropriate academic dean's office on or before the fifth week. After the end of the fifth week and before the last class day of the quarter, a student may petition his/her dean in writing requesting to drop under special circumstances. Earning a low grade in the course is not to be considered such a circumstance. A student who drops a course during the first two weeks (first 14 calendar days) will have no record of that course appear on the transcript.

For any student who drops a course after the 14th day of the quarter, the instructor will assign a grade of "WP" or "WF" indicating that the student was performing work considered passing (WP) or failing (WF) at the time the course was dropped. This grade will be awarded at the end of the quarter, at which time the name of each student who has dropped a course will appear on the grade sheet.

Students dropping hours by change order prior to or during the first 14 days of the quarter, when such changes result in a reduction of fees, are entitled to receive a 100 percent refund of the reduction. Changes made after the 14th day of the quarter will result in no refund.

However, if a student is receiving financial assistance, the change in enrollment status may result in the student's having to repay those programs from which he/she received student financial assistance.

A student denied permission to drop a course may appear the decision through the appropriate grievance procedure (see the Student Handbook).

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