Ohio University Policy and Procedure

Use of Ohio University Facilities

SUPERCEDED as of April 30, 2003

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Procedure No.:   01.025

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Date Issued:     07/01/87

Issued By:       T. Kohan

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While the following policy applies specifically to non-University groups, it should be understood that use of University facilities or space by all groups, internal or external, is governed by the principle of compatibility with the educational mission of the University. Moreover, no activities or events may be of a character that explicitly or implicitly discriminates against, demeans or exploits any persons or groups, nor may they be of a character that threatens the security, safety or health of the University community in any way or that poses a hazard to environmental/ecological systems or historic sites.

  1. It is the policy of Ohio University to make maximum use of its facilities and services for the benefit of the citizens of the State of Ohio in keeping with the specifications of Ohio Revised Code (3313.76).

  2. The University will make its facilities available for use by non- University organizations at times when these facilities are not in use for University activities, provided the proposed use and users are compatible with the overall purposes of the University. Preference will be given organizations whose programs and missions relate directly to those of Ohio University. Facilities designated for this purpose will be administered pursuant to solicitation policy number 42.550.

  3. Use of campus facilities by a given organization does not imply University endorsement of the views, beliefs, or purposes of members of the organization, its mission, or orientation.

  4. All costs to the University must normally be recovered through fees, rentals and charges for use of facilities and services and materials provided.

  5. The following classes or categories of organizations will not normally be permitted to use University facilities.

    a. Those whole purpose for using campus facilities is wholly-commercial or for private gain.

    b. Non-University groups wishing to hold fund-raising events or activities.

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  6. Under no circumstances will the following be permitted to use University facilities:

    a. Organizations which practice discrimination in violation of University codes and standards.

    b. Groups or organizations whose presence on campus would pose a threat to the safety of the University community and/or the security and well-being of its members.

  7. Authorization for the use of University facilities by an employee organization wishing to solicit employees must be obtained from the Director of Personnel.

  8. The President of the University or his designee ( s ) will implement this policy, make decisions based upon it, and determine procedures, fees, costs, insurance and other requirements, consulting with the Trustees at his discretion.

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