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Policy and Procedure Numbering System

SUPERCEDED as of December 2, 2002

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Procedure No.:   01.002

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Date Issued:     09/02/69

Issued By:       R.J. Henderson

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Numbering System

The policy and procedure numbering system will be a five digit number consisting of a two digit general classification number and a three digit index number. ie.

The basic general classifications and subject matter areas within these classifications will be as follows:

General Classifications

00-09 General Subjects:

Organization Charts
General Policy

10-19 Academic Matters:

a. Colleges:

         Arts &;Science                  Fine Arts
         Business Administration         Graduate 
         Communications                  Honors
         Education                       University

b. Off Campus Academic Program
c. Institutional Research
d. International Affairs
e. Library
f. Learning Resources
h. Research

20-29 Student Matters

a. Financial Aids and Student Personnel
b. Health and Psvchological Services
c. Placement &;Internship
d. Fraternity and Sorority Affairs
e. Student Activities and Public Occasion
f. Food and Residence Services
g. University Discipline
h. Athletics

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30-39 University Development and Planning Matters:

a. Alumni                     g. Construction                                                                                
b. Regional Development       h. Space Utilization                              
c. Public Affairs             i. Renovations                                                       
d. Public Information         j. Engineering                                    
e. University Publications    k. Title Grants 
f. O.U. Fund

40-49 Administrative Matters:

a. Registration, admissions, scheduling and regents reporting.
b. Personnel and labor relations
c. Office and environmental services
d. Physical plant and maintenance
e. Vehicles
f. Security

50-59 Business Matters:

a. Financial flatters
b. Controllers Functions
         Accts. Payable         Dorm Accounting     
         Accts. Receivable      Property Accounting     
         Payroll                General Accounting     

c. Budget Functions
d. Bursar Functions
e. Purchasing, receiving and stocking

90-99 Data Processing:

a. Administrative
b. Computer Center

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