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01.002:  Policy and Procedure Numbering System

SUPERCEDED on July 12, 2016

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Initiated by:

Richard Piccard, Secretary
Policy and Procedure Review Committee

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Nancy Prichard Crist, Chair
Policy and Procedure Review Committee

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Gary B. North
Vice President for Administration

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Stephen Kopp

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This policy is intended to describe the numbering system used in the Ohio University Policy and Procedure Manual, so that new policy statements may be assigned numbers that are consistent with those already in use, and so that people wishing to find the policy statement that addresses a particular concern can more readily find it.


The policy and procedure numbering system will be a five digit number consisting of a two digit general classification number and a three digit index number, separated by a period, XX.YYY:

Some issues are more appropriately addressed within the Faculty Handbook, rather than as part of this Policy and Procedure Manual; other issues are best addressed here; and some issues will be addressed in both locations.


Numbers will be assigned to new policy statements by the Policy and Procedure Review Committee.

The basic general classifications and subject matter areas within these classifications will be as follows:

I.  00-09 General Subjects

A.  Organization Charts

B.  General Policy

C.  Issues that overlap multiple other general classifications

  1. Space and Facilities Usage
  2. Harassment and Professional Conduct
  3. ID Cards
  4. etc.

II.  10-19 Academic Matters

A.  Colleges

  1. Arts & Sciences
  2. Business
  3. Communication
  4. Education
  5. Engineering
  6. Fine Arts
  7. Health and Human Services
  8. Honors
  9. Osteopathic Medicine
  10. University

B.  Student Academic Records

  1. Access to public and private information
  2. Registration, Drops, and Withdrawals
  3. Grading

C.  Library

D.  Learning Resources

E.  Off Campus Academic Programs

F.  Institutional Research

G.  International Affairs

H.  Research and Intellectual Property

I.  Emeritus Status

J.  Appointment and Evaluation of faculty, chairs, directors, and deans (see also VII)

K.  Centers and Institutes

III.  20-29 Student Matters

A.  Student Personnel

B.  Health and Psychological Services

C.  Placement and Internship

D.  Fraternity and Sorority Affairs

E.  Student Activities and Public Occasions

F.  Residence Services and Residence Life

G.  University Discipline

H.  Athletics

I.  Campus Recreation

IV.  30-39 University Development Matters

A.  Alumni

B.  Regional Development

C.  Public Affairs

D.  Public Information

E.  University Publications

F.  Ohio University Foundation

V.  30-39 Planning Matters

A.  Construction

B.  Space Utilization

C.  Renovations

D.  Engineering

E.  Title Grants

VI.  40-49 Administrative Matters

A.  Registration, Admissions, Scheduling, and Regents Reporting.

B.  Office and Environmental Services

C.  Facilities Management and Maintenance

D.  Vehicles

E.  Campus Safety

F.  Occupational Health and Safety

G.  Financial Aid and Scholarships

VII.  40-49 Human Resources and Employee Relations Matters

A.  Employment

  1. Appointments
  2. Hiring
  3. Transfer
  4. Promotion
  5. Demotion
  6. Separation

B.  Benefits

  1. Educational
  2. Group Insurance and Workmen's Compensation
  3. Assistance and Development Programs for Employees
  4. Holidays and Vacations
  5. Other Leaves of Absence and Accommodations
  6. Retirement

C.  Compensation, Rewards, and Recognition

D.  Dispute Resolution

E.  Records and Information Services

F.  Performance Management

G.  Workplace and Occupational Health and Safety

VIII.  50-59 Business Matters

A.  Financial Matters

B.  Controller's Functions

  1. Accounts Payable
  2. Grants and Contracts
  3. Plant Funds
  4. General Accounting
  5. Payroll
  6. Property Accounting
  7. Purchasing
  8. Surplus

C.  Treasurer Functions

  1. Bursar
  2. Accounts Receivable
  3. Foundation Accounting
  4. Cash Management

IX.  90-99 Information Technology Matters

A.  Administrative Support

B.  Academic Support

C.  Voice and Data Networks


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. Policy and Procedure Review Committee

  2. Executive Officers


There are no forms that are specific to this policy.

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