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Purchasing - Return of Supplies or Equipment

WITHDRAWN as of January 6, 2004

(consolidated into 55.040)

Procedure No.:   55.041

Page No.:        1 and 2 of 2

Date Issued:     10/01/77

Issued By:       G. Peebles

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Supplies or equipment returned to suppliers or manufacturers for adjustment or credit must be cleared through the Purchasing Department. Credit memos received that cannot be identified with returns will be disposed of at the discretion of the Controller's Office. Departments are urged to keep all return requests to an absolute minimum.

When an item is to be shipped from Ohio University, Athens campus, for repair or for any other reason, and it is desired that the Shipping and Receiving Department serve this return function, the procedure outlined below should be followed. Prepare and send to the Purchasing Department a signed requisition which gives the following information:

A. Location of the item. Include building, room number and person to contact. If the item will be delivered to the Receiving Department by the department, please indicate this intention. In every case, a pick-up order will be issued and the Receiving Department will transport the item to the shipping dock.

B. Brief description of the item. Include approximate weight, serial number, University inventory tag number, purchase order number, and other applicable identifying information.

C. Reason for return, i.e., repair, incorrect item, damaged,etc. Also state whether the party to which the shipment is being made is aware of and agreeable to the return. Include names of persons contacted, reference letters, etc. (If clearance has not been obtained please state, and contact will be made by the Purchasing Department.)

D. Please include the approximate value of the item being returned and for how much it should be insured.

E. Complete shipping address. Company name should always appear as the first line of the address.

F. Preferred method of shipment, i.e., United Parcel (leaves at 8:30 each morning), Air Quick (leaves at 2:30 each afternoon), air express, air parcel post, motor freight, etc.

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When possible, it is advised that items be packed for shipment before the requisition for pick-up is issued. Delicate instruments will be better protected in transit to Receiving and shipping will be expedited. If packing is not available the Carpenter Shop will furnish this service at a charge for labor and material. (A separate requisition will be needed for this service.) The pick-up requisition issued to the Purchasing Department can be used to process payment for the shipping charges incurred and the repair, if applicable.

Please note on the requisition if more than one account number is to be used, i.e., account number for repair, account number for shipping.

CAUTION: Do not deliver large outgoing shipments to the Purchasing Department. We do not have the facilities to hold them. The Receiving Department will pick up the shipment at your location.

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