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Acquisition of Motor Vehicles

WITHDRAWN as of January 6, 2004

Procedure No.:   55.029

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Date Issued:     10/01/77

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To provide the policy and procedures which must be followed by departments of the University when requesting the acquisition of a motor vehicle for full-time, official use. Vehicles that are to be used on a part-time or casual basis only should be requested from the University Garage as required. (See Policy 47.001, "Use of University Vehicles".)


Any department may acquire a motor vehicle(s) for the sole use of the department, provided that it can be justified that sufficient need exists to warrant the acquisition, and that the University Garage cannot satisfy departmental vehicle requirements. Either new or used vehicles may be acquired.


Justification for Acquisition

  1. A written justification must be prepared which establishes the necessity for acquiring the vehicle. The memorandum should include:
    a. Type of vehicle required and whether new or used.

    b. Whether the request is for an additional vehicle or a replacement for an existing one. (If for a replacement, provide make, model, condition, planned disposition, etc., of existing vehicle.)

    c. Explanation of intended use.

  2. Approvals Required
  3. The memorandum of justification must be approved by the department head, dean or administrative head, and the senior administrator for the responsibility area from which the request was initiated.

    NOTE: The University Garage is available to assist and advise departments wishing to buy used vehicles. However, final commitment for actual purchase must be through the Purchasing Department.

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  4. Cost of Acquisition, Maintenance and Insurance
  5. Costs for acquisition, fuel, service and maintenance for all vehicles acquired must be borne by the using department and must be provided for in the departmental budget. Payment of insurance premiums may also be required of the department if funds budgeted for this purpose are exceeded during the course of a fiscal year.

  6. Insurance, Licensing, Credit Cards and Maintenance
  7. Arrangements for obtaining vehicle liability insurance, title, license plates, and credit cards will be made by the Director of Security and University Garage. The Director of Purchases will forward a copy of all purchase orders for vehicles to the Director of Security and University Garage which will indicate that these items need to be provided. (NOTE: Approximately 10-14 days is required to obtain license plates after delivery of a vehicle is made.)

  8. Acquisition of Used and Surplus Vehicles, Gifts
  9. All used, surplus or gift vehicles, regardless of the source from which they are acquired, must be approved through channels and may be inspected by the University Garage prior to acquisition. University Garage personnel will be glad to assist in ascertaining the following:

    a. That a fair purchase price is being asked for the vehicle .

    b. Provide cost estimate for-placing the vehicle in a safe, serviceable condition.

    c. Advise of possible future maintenance costs or problems.

    d. Determine whether or not the University Garage can provide service for the vehicle. (Not possible for foreign models, etc.)

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  10. Term Contracts
  11. All departments anticipating the acquisition of a new vehicle(s) must make use of the term contracts available through the State of Ohio and administered through the Department of Purchases. These contracts are not usually available until automotive manufacturers have established pricing schedules for new models. To avoid delays and/or possible greater costs, all departments are urged to process requests for new vehicles during the period of November 15 through May 15.

    A wide variety of models are available from these term contracts and for that reason, no direct contract should be made to automobile or truck dealers.

    If specifications and features on term contracts are not commensurate with departmental needs the Purchasing Department will assist in developing specifications for competitive bidding purposes.

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