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Purchasing - Factors In Selection of Major Equipment, Service Agreements, Emergency Repairs

WITHDRAWN as of January 6, 2004

Procedure No.:   55.017

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Date Issued:     10/01/77

Issued By:       G. Peebles

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The selection of major equipment shall be based on considerations of economy in operation, productivity, compatibility, quality, dependability, savings in time or labor costs, and durability, so that the net result will be increased efficiency at the lowest net cost.

SPECIAL NOTE: Prior to submitting a requisition for the purchase of an instrument or item of equipment, the requesting department should ascertain whether power requirements or other utilities are available. These should be specified on the requisition. Space requirements and floor loading should also be checked where applicable.

The Purchasing Department and the Director of Physical Plant should be contacted prior to any final commitment or purchase.


It is strongly recommended that certain items of equipment be covered by service contracts in order to assure continuing efficient operation. Such general-useequipment as electric typewriters, dictating equipment, calculating machines and duplicating equipment fall in this category. Such equipment as electron microscopes, ultra centrifuges and other highly specialised scientific equipment also should be maintained under service contracts. Forms required by vendors are signed on behalf of the University by the Director of Materials Management &;Purchases and transmitted to them with a purchase order. All costs involved with service agreements are the responsibility of the departments having the need for these services.


Emergency repairs or overhauls of office machinery and other equipment on the Athens campus must be cleared through the Purchasing Department prior to actual work being accomplished. Emergency repairs on typewriters are handled locally and will be taken care of promptly by calling the Purchasing Department. Typewriter overhaul jobs are generally sent out to the distributor handling the particular machine. Make and machine number should always be given in connection with repairs or overhauls. Such repairs on other campuses should be arranged by the campus director after notification to the Purchasing Department on the Athens Campus.

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