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Purchasing - Pool or Cooperative Buying, Emergency Buying, Prepayment Buying

WITHDRAWN as of January 6, 2004

Procedure No.:   55.009

Page No.:        1 and 2 of 2

Date Issued:     10/01/77

Issued By:       G. Peebles

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The University will develop and participate in cooperative or pool buying when it is judged to be in the best interest of Ohio University. Examples are:

  1. Annual bid for scientific equipment and supplies

  2. Term contract for stock forms and fine paper

  3. Term contracts competitively bid by the State of Ohio

  4. Contracts with Educational and Institutional Cooperative Services, Inc. (E. &;I.)

  5. Contracts issued by the Inter-University Purchasing Council (This group includes all of the tax supported educational institutions in the State of Ohio.)

  6. Contracts issued by the State of Ohio, Division of Purchases



When necessary, emergency purchases will be made by the Purchasing Department, by telephone. To initiate an emergency transaction, the individual MUST submit a signed requisition to the Purchasing Department, giving the exact information, the circumstances, and the correct and complete account number to be charged. Proper planning eliminates many rush transactions, but real emergencies will be handled as expeditiously as possible. It is important that a requisition be "walked through" to the Purchasing Department prior to the placing of an order

SPECIAL NOTE:No order will be processed unless a valid requisition has been received in the Purchasing Department.

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Sometimes it is necessary to make advance payment for items. This is always true for U. S. Government documents from the Superintendent of Documents and for certain other items, usually of small value. In such cases, be sure of the accurate and complete description of the item required, its price, catalog number, and the exact name and address of the supplier. Prepare a requisition and insert below the item description "prepayment" and below that "CHECK ATTACHED". Also, attach to the requisition, any supporting evidence such as advertisements, letters from the vendor, proforma invoices, etc.

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