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Ohio University's Purchasing Department is organized and administered as a division of the University's general business management organisation.

The function of the Purchasing Department is to organize and administer procurement for all departments of the University in accordance with responsibility and authority delegated by the University's President and the Board of Trustees.


The policies and procedures have been made as simple as possible and still meet the requirements of State of Ohio laws, general University regulations, good business practice, and special requirements adopted from time to time by various agencies from which the University secures funds for special programs. These procedures are meant to cover most cases involving procurement for Ohio University, and are generally consistent with those of similar institutions and with technically oriented industrial firms.


The Purchasing Department has been assigned definite responsibilites:

  1. Procurement of goods and services for all University departments with the exception of food and library books.

  2. Testing and evaluation of various commodities to insure proper balance of quality and monetary expenditures.

  3. Expedite delivery of urgently needed goods and services.

  4. Assist in furniture selection consistent with the furniture standardization program.

  5. Refer information about new or improved products to departments using these products.

  6. Inform departments of exceptional buys on selected commodities.

The Purchasing Department must work with hundreds of individuals within the University, and with thousands of vendors, in supplying both simple and complex requirements economically, effectively, and as promptly as circumstances will allow.

The Purchasing Department shares in certain responsibilities with the Controller's Office and other University administrative offices in expending University funds so that all transactions will pass numerous audits and will be considered as sensible business transactions.

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All persons with budget responsibilities can simplify and expedite the handling of requirements for supplies, equipment, and services by becoming familiar with Ohio University's procurement policies and by designating someone within their departments to become skilled in working with the Purchasing Department.

The following points warrant special emphasis:

  1. Plan your needs well in advance.

  2. Describe accurately on requisitions the quantity and quality needed.

  3. Initiate requisitions well in advance of the critical date required. Indicate date items will be needed and location (room) to which items are to be delivered.

  4. Use correct account numbers.

  5. Keep the Purchasing Department informed of transactions which have worked out well for your department or those that did not.

The University considers its vendors to be valuable assets. It attempts to administer buying practices in such a way that all worthwhile suppliers are considered and dealt with ethically. The best ones will be awarded share of the University business on thebasis of competitive prices, services rendered, and ultimate long-range benefits to the University as a whole.

All savings, including cash discounts achieved by combining purchases, using the buying power of the University as a whole, or in developing larger quantities per order by the cooperation of any department or institution who is a member of the Inter-University Council, benefit the department or project budget which provide funds for the purchase. Standardisation and simplification of products and procedures may also result in substantial and repetitive savings to the individual department.

Purchasing policies are intended to list the general policies and procedural practices developed to accomplish the procurement processes for Ohio University. While these policies are somewhat detailed, they cannot cover all eventualities. Exceptional cases will be worked out as circumstances and good business practices warrant .

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The responsibility for implementing purchasing policies has been delegated to the Purchasing Department, and the cooperation of all individuals and departments is requested. Revision in policy or procedures will be made in the future as required. Suggestions from the faculty and staff for future changes will be welcomed by the Director of Materials Management and Purchases.


A. To assist faculty and staff in acquiring supplies, equipment and services, and obtain the maximum ultimate value of each dollar of expenditure.

B. To evaluate market developments and departmental buying trends, to eliminate anticipated problems in deliveries of critical items, and to take advantage of quantity purchases to establish the prices most economical for value received.

C. To maintain good relations with University suppliers and to procure their goods and services on a fair and competitive basis.

D. To grant all competitive bidders equal consideration, to regard each transaction on its own merits; to foster and promote fair, ethical, and legal trade practices.

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