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Budget Carry-Forward Procedure

WITHDRAWN as of January 6, 2004

Procedure No.:   53.004

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Date Issued:     04/21/86

Issued By:       C. Harrington

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To outline the policy and procedure of Ohio University regarding the determination of budget carry-forward funds at the end of a fiscal year.


A. General

  1. The principles of budget carry-forward are based on the premise that Planning Unit Directors are responsible for the funds under their direction. Therefore, each budget manager should be rewarded for results arrived at through direct management control and not from unexpected circumstances. In keeping with this principle, the carry-forward procedure allows for carrying forward to the following fiscal year, planned surpluses.

  2. This policy is subject to modification by the Provost with approval by the President if inadequate income results in a lack of University surplus to cover the requested carry-forward at June 30th, or if the projected income for the succeeding year is significantly lower than that budgeted. In addition, budget units ending the year in a deficit position shall cover these deficits from surpluses from other departments within each planning unit. Should an occasion arise when a Planning Unit Director cannot cover all deficits, he/she shall submit a request against the University Reserve. Planning Unit requests for carry-forward may not exceed the surplus for that unit. Budgeting procedures for graduate fee waivers based on a standard rate require the exclusion of fee waiver budgets from the carry-forward policy.

B. Areas Covered

  1. Operating Accounts

This procedure covers all departments funded from the general operating fund.

  • Matching Funds for Restricted Accounts
  • Matching funds for open restricted accounts at June 30th will be automatically carried forward at the end of the fiscal year. Unused matching funds for restricted accounts completed at June 30th are subject to the general carry-forward procedure.

  • Rotaries
  • Inherent in the definition of a rotary, all surpluses and deficits in rotary accounts will be carried forward as appropriated amounts. The Treasurer has the responsibility of ascertaining whether or not deficits can be eliminated within the account. If the deficit cannot be eliminated, expenditures will be charged back to the controlling department having administrative responsibility for the rotary. When rotaries are discontinued, the surplus or deficit will be transferred back to the controlling department and be subject to this procedure.

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  • Auxiliaries
  • a. Baker Center, Airport and Inter-Collegiate Athletics will be handled in the same manner as operating departments.

    b. Residence and Dining Halls are excluded from this policy because of their bond indentures.


    A. Departments

    Departments requesting carry-forward should complete a "Request for Carry-forward" (Form BCO-1) and submit it to their Dean/Director no later than May 20th of the current year. Sections 4 and 5 of Form BCO-1 shall be completed so that the Dean/Director can ascertain that the surplus was planned and the purposes for which the money will be used are valid. The Form BCO-1 attached to this procedure should be reproduced and used for submittal to the Dean/ Director.

    B. Deans/Directors

    The Deans/Directors shall approve/disapprove the BCO-1 Forms that are submitted to them. The Deans/Directors will rank and compile the approved requests for their area and forward them to the Provost by June 10th of the current year.

    C. Approval

    Planning Unit Directors shall rank and compile the requests for their areas. The requests from each planning unit will then be reviewed by the Provost and recommended to the President. Only after approval by the President shall the carry-forward be added to the departments' budget.

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