WITHDRAWN Ohio University Policy and Procedure

Use of Decoration Materials In University Residence Halls

WITHDRAWN as of January 6, 2004

(consolidated into 42.501)

Procedure No.:   42.504

Page No.:        1 and 2 of 2

Date Issued:     01/10/79

Issued By:       J. Matthews

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This policy describes the requirements relative to the use of decoration materials in university residence halls.

All Decoration Materials - Flame Resistant

All decoration materials used in any area will be appropriately flame resistant; it is best to use foil or crepe papers which are purchased as flame resistant. Other combustible materials, such as cloth, etc., are to be treated with an appropriate compound. Questions concerning any other type of decorations should be directed to the Department of Environmental Health and Safety.

The following is a flame-resistant formula:

Borax:      7oz.
Boric Acid:    3 oz.
Hot Water:    2 quarts

These materials can be purchased from a drug store. The material to be treated should be dipped in or sprayed with the solution. After treatment, check several small pieces of the material to assure flame-resistance. Re-apply if sample burns after initial test.

Student Room Decorations

Student room decorations will not include any live greenery, or additional electric lights, or additional electrical equipment. This will eliminate such items as window wreaths and other lighted window decorations. If an individual Residence Hall has a proposal concerning window decorations for the entire hall, a plan should be submitted to the Director of Environmental Health and Safety prior to installing the decorations.

Lights and Electrical Devices

If coiored light bulbs are desired, only commercially manufactured bulbs will be acceptable in hallway fixtures in lieu of normal white light bulbs. Any change in bulbs must be approved by Executive Housekeeper for the area.

No candles will be permitted in the building with the exception of candles to be used for a holiday meal served in the dining room.

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Electric lights and other types of electrical devices are to be in good repair and safely installed and operated. Any electrical decoration, I.e., tree lights, etc., must not be operated when unattended.

Methods of Attaching Decorations

Methods Of attaching decorations are governed by one word - "damage." It is obvious that the results from a few nailing, thumbtackings, or the like, would soon call for repairs, so the policy is "don't." Most adhesives will either pull off the wail paint or leave a sticky residue which is extremely hard to clean. Again the policy is "don't."

Masking Tape is the ONLY adhesive permitted and it may be used ONLY on the following surfaces and only for a limited time:

a. Glass - such as windows and mirrors. (Avoid potential warm surfaces, such as light bulbs even though you don't intend to turn them on.)

b. Metal - which has no paint or enamel. The door knob, hinge plates on doors, and bare metal window dividers are permissible surfaces.

c. Doors - it is permissible to use the top and bottom edges of doors.

Approved Locations for Decorations

No decorations will be permitted in public areas of the Residence Halls other than in the lounge areas, dining rooms, individual room doors and bulletin boards. Decorations on hallway bulletin boards may not extend beyond the perimeter of the board. This prohibits decorations in hallways other than on doors to individual rooms. All flammable decorations must be treated with a flame retardant agent.

Removal of Decorations

It is the responsibility of all students to dismantle and remove from the Residence Halls all decorations prior to leaving the campus for the Christmas holidays. The Residence Hall and Housekeeping staffs have the responsibility and authority to remove or lake down any decorations that in any way violate the above standards.

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