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Professional Development Policy for Administrators

WITHDRAWN as of March 27, 2006

(consolidated into 41.129)

Procedure No.:   41.132

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Date Issued:     05/21/84

Issued By:       Carol Harter

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To provide for administrative professional development which reflects the institution's conscious and deliberate concern with the full development and utilization of its human resources. Ohio University will offer a broad range of educational and training opportunities for its administrators, including workshops and seminars, formal courses and self-directed research and study. Conference opportunities will be provided subject to budgetary constraints and supervisory approval.


Professional development refers to the organized, formal and systematic efforts of Ohio University to provide and promote education and training for its administrators.


I. Ohio University is dedicated to the enlightened management of human resources and is therefore committed to a program of professional development for staff. This program includes opportunities for:

A. improving administrative knowledge and skills such as time management and oral and written communications;

B. increasing and strengthening knowledge and skills necessary for accomplishing present responsibilities;

C. keeping skills and knowledge current with changes in responsibilities, expectations, procedures, and technology;

D. promoting job mobility and career advancement within the University;

E. promoting personal development in such areas as motivation and inter-personal skills, which enhance performance as administrators.

II. The University will encourage individuals to share knowledge, skills, conference and workshop information)and participate in mentoring relationships.

III. Professional development will reflect and support the University's equal opportunity commitment to the advancement of women and minorities.

IV. The University will publicize its professional development opportunities and activities in order to:

A. inform current administrators about the range of available educational and developmental opportunities;

B. aid in the recruitment of excellent administrative candidates;

C. inform the public about these efforts.

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