WITHDRAWN Ohio University Policy and Procedure

Posting of Contract Position Openings

WITHDRAWN as of January 30, 2003

(consolidated into Policy 40.121)

Procedure No.:   40.120

Page No.:        1 and 2 of 2

Date Issued:     07/01/98

Issued By:       Gary North

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To provide a central agency for the receipt and communication of information concerning contract position openings on all campuses of the University.


Contract positions are all faculty and administrative staff positions under presidential contract.


It is the policy of the University that, given the nature of the position to be filled, thorough recruitment on a local, regional and/or national basis will normally take place when filling contract positions.

The final selection of a contract employee is the responsibility of the unit head in which the position-opening exists. However, each department head shall comply with the University's Affirmative Action Plan, follow the procedures outlined below in recruiting qualified applicants, and fill all positions in accordance with Policy 40.121.


The Human Resources will serve as the central agency for the implementation of this policy. The Office for Institutional Equity will review all proposed contract offers to determine whether this policy has been followed.

Notification to University Human Resources:

When any full-time or part-time contract position becomes available, the unit head where the opening exists shall notify University Human Resources in writing. This notification will include the following information about the position.

  1. Title

  2. Date available

  3. Minimum qualifications required

  4. Brief description of responsibilities

  5. Name and title of person to whom applications will be directed

  6. A deadline date for application.
    Note:The deadline for application must afford a reasonable response time. The minimum response time will be 7 days for a position in which only local advertising would be expected, 10 days where regional advertising, and 15 days for national advertising. Questions related to minimum response time, or the waiver thereof, should be directed to the Office for Institutional Equity.
  7. The applicable position Information Form (P.I.F.)

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Distribution of Contract Position Openings Information:

University Human Resources will prepare, at least bi-weekly and more often if the circumstances demand, an information sheet listing contract position openings. Each listing shall summarize those earlier posted positions for which the deadline for application has not passed. Distribution will be as follows:

  1. To administrative officers, deans, department heads, and regional campus directors.

  2. To the Career Services Office.

  3. To designated University bulletin boards.

  4. To the local office of the Ohio Employment Service.

  5. To WOUB and WATH for broadcast.

  6. To THE POST, the MESSENGER, and any other appropriate newspapers, list-serves, or other media.

  7. To the Office for Institutional Equity for further distribution.

Application Acknowledgments and Applicant Information Survey Form:

Applications for posted contract positions will be acknowledged by the head of the department in which the position opening exists. All acknowledgments will include the Applicant Information Survey form* which requests the applicant to complete and return to the Office for Institutional Equity.

Following final plans for hiring, and the issuance of the presidential form, the department head is responsible for having the new employee contact the insurance section of the University Human Resources to complete necessary paperwork for insurance, payroll, and initial employment processing.

* Applicant Information Survey forms may be obtained from the Ofice for Institutional Equity.

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