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40.044: Transfer or Promotion for Classified Employees




March 19, 2019

Initiated by:

Colleen Bendl | Chief Human Resources Officer

Endorsed by:

Deborah Shaffer | Chief Financial Officer and Vice President Finance and Administration

Approved by:

M. Duane Nellis | President

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  1. Overview

    1. This policy provides for posting and advertising of vacancies in classified positions at the university. This policy does not apply to any positions covered by a collective bargaining agreement.
    2. Ohio university will inform classified employees of transfer and promotional opportunities through departmental and university-wide postings, using a variety of communications methods, when a vacancy occurs.
    3. Planning unit managers will give first consideration to those qualified internal applicants. If no qualified applicants are available, external applicants can be considered for hire.
    4. The only employees eligible to apply for a transfer or promotion are full-time, part-time, and intermittent permanent employees. An employee is not eligible for transfer under this policy for a period of one year after accepting a transfer under this policy. An employee is eligible to be promoted under this policy only after satisfactorily completing the probationary period for his or her current position. Transfer under this policy does not initiate a new probationary period, but promotion does.
    5. Transfers resulting from reorganizations to avoid layoffs will take precedence over this policy, as described in policy 40.046.
  2. Definitions

    1. Posting: Position posting will include the job classification, minimum qualifications, department, working hours, pay grade, a brief description of duties (including essential functions), responsibilities, skill assessment (if applicable), and deadline date for applying. Postings may be communicated by e-mail, web pages, campus mail, placing printed copies on departmental bulletin boards, etc.
    2. Transfer: The movement of a person to a similar position - a position similar in duties and responsibilities and of the same value (pay grade and range).
    3. Promotion: The appointment of an employee to a different classification which is assigned a higher pay range than the previous position.
  3. Minimum qualifications

    1. All applicants must meet each of the following minimum qualifications:
      1. Must have completed the probationary period for the currently held full-time or part-time permanent or permanent intermittent position.
      2. Must have a satisfactory attendance record.
      3. Must have received at least a satisfactory overall rating on the most recent performance evaluation.
      4. Must meet each of the minimum requirements for the posted vacancy.


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. CFAO’s

  2. Classified Senate