Ohio University

40.038: Recruitment and Hiring for Classified Positions




June 14, 1992

Approved by:

Issued by Gary North

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  1. Policy

    As a state supported public institution of higher education, Ohio University is required to be in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations or be liable for fines and penalties for noncompliance.

    In accordance with federal law, Ohio Revised Code Chapter 124, and Ohio University Personnel procedures, it is the policy of the University to advertise, post, and recruit the best applicants for vacancies.

    The Director of Ohio University Personnel Services, as the Appointing Authority, shall administer the above laws, rules, and procedures. The Director is responsible to ensure that members of protected groups are actively recruited and hired, and that personnel policies and procedures are properly implemented.

    This policy will apply to all classified positions. If a conflict occurs involving a bargaining unit position, the Bargaining Agreement will prevail in those areas where a conflict occurs between this policy and the Bargaining Agreement.

  2. Procedure

    1. Notice of Vacancy

      When University Personnel Services (UPS) has been notified of a vacancy by a hiring department, and the vacancy cannot be filled under Policy 40.044, UPS will:

      1. Determine the appropriate job classification and pay grade.

      2. Determine if the position will be filled through a Limited Access Posting or an Open Posting

        1. A Limited Access Posting

          is where a long term Eligibility List is created to establish a pool of eligible applicants for a particular classification for a specified period of time (up to two [2] years) without a notification of vacancies.

        2. An Open Posting

          is where a short term Eligibility List will be created from a posting for a specific vacancy, and will be terminated after the vacancy has been filled.

      3. Advertise and post vacancy for the appropriate minimum length of time (will vary depending on the type of search).

    2. Requirements for Filling an Open Posting Vacancy

      1. Receipt of Application

        1. Employment applications will be accepted for a specific position, and will remain active until the position has been filled. Once the position has been filled, the applications then become inactive.

        2. Applications will be retained on an inactive status for a period of two (2) years from the date of submission. After two (2) years have expired, a new application will be required when applying for a specific position.

        3. In order to reactivate an inactive application for a specific position, applicants must submit an "Intake Form for External Applicants" in person to UPS for the vacancy prior to the deadline date of the posting.

      2. Pre-Employment Screening Process

        1. UPS will screen all applications to determine if the minimum qualifications have been met.

        2. Only those candidates who meet the minimum criteria will continue in the employment process.

      3. Pre-Employment Examination

        1. The hiring department will supply technical questions to UPS (for areas where employment tests have not been developed or need to be revised).

        2. UPS will be responsible for developing, and conducting the appropriate examination(s).

          1. Provisions will be made to accommodate applicants with protected disabilities in accordance with state and federal laws.

          2. If the hiring department decides that a departmental examination or practical is to be administered, both must be approved by UPS.

          3. Any questions, concerns, or complaints regarding testing must be directed to UPS.

          4. Test results for full or part-time permanent positions will be valid for a one (1) year period from the date the test was taken.

      4. Preliminary Interview Process

        1. Structured group interviews will be conducted by a screening committee comprised of representatives from UPS or Affirmative Action and the hiring department.

        2. Consistent criteria will be used by the screening committee for rating all applicants.

      5. Ranking of Applicants

        1. Cumulative points will be calculated by UPS based on experience, examination results, the preliminary interview, and affirmative action criteria, if applicable.

        2. Each applicant will be ranked based on the total performance of the entire recruitment process to establish an Eligibility List.

        3. Each applicant will be notified of his/her rank on the Eligibility List.

    3. Selection Process

      1. The hiring department will conduct at least three (3) reference checks, if possible, for each candidate. Character references should be checked only if employment references cannot be obtained.

        1. UPS will assist hiring departments in coordinating and conducting structured departmental interviews. Job-specific structured interview questions should be developed in advance by the hiring department and reviewed by UPS prior to conducting the departmental interviews.

        2. Departmental interviews will be conducted by a screening committee comprised of representatives chosen by the hiring department.

      2. The hiring department will complete and submit to UPS the Personnel Action Report Summary showing the rank order and selection criteria used in the selection process.

        1. When there is nonconcurrence, UPS will advise the department head of the reasons and consult with the department head to achieve resolution.

        2. If there is concurrence, UPS will make the offer recommended in the Personnel Action Summary Report.

      3. UPS will coordinate with the hiring department the appropriate employment background screening prior to any candidate being offered a position.

    4. Hiring Offer

      1. UPS will be the only department authorized to make the hiring offer.

      2. UPS will make the hiring offer and confirm an acceptance in writing.

      3. UPS will establish an effective hire date.

      4. UPS will schedule the physical examination and complete the hiring process.

      5. UPS will schedule and conduct the New Employee Orientation Session.