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Occupational Health Program for Administrative Contract Employees

Withdrawn October 8, 2012

Consolidated into Policy 40.032

Procedure No.:   40.035

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Date Issued:     08/13/84

Issued By:       Carol Harter

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To establish an Occupational Health Program in Unified Health Services for administrative contract employees which will provide medical services for on-the-job illness or injury. (An on-the-job illness or injury is one which arises directly or very closely indirectly out of and in the course of employment activity.)


It is the policy of Ohio University to provide, within limitations of this policy, medical services for employees who suffer an occupational illness or injury.


If the occupational injury or illness occurs during the hours the clinic is in operation, the employee should be taken to the Occupational Health Clinic (or another medical facility) for medical evaluation and assistance. Clinic personnel will advise the employee and the individual's supervisor as to whether the employee may return to work, will be sent home, will be referred to the family doctor or possibly be referred to a hospital. If the occupational illness or injury occurs during the hours the clinic is closed and emergency treatment is indicated, the employee should be taken to the nearest medical facility.

The employee and/or their supervisor should complete the proper Workers Compensation forms as specified in Ohio University Policy and Procedure 40.032. Form OH-2 will be used to provide information to the following agencies: White copy - Employee, Yellow copy - Health Clinic, Pink copy - department head/supervisor, Gold copy - Environmental Services. Distribution of the completed form will be made by the Occupational Health Clinic. In addition to providing initial treatment for an occupational injury or illness, clinic personnel will assist the employee in instituting and processing paperwork for Workers' Compensation cases.


The Occupational Health Clinic is located on the second floor of Hudson Health Center. The phone number is 594-55219 Ext. 203. Clinic hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. A registered nurse is on duty and a doctor is either on duty or available during all clinic hours.

The Occupational Health Clinic provides a service to both employees and the University. The clinic provides the medical services exclusively established in this policy at no cost to employees/applicants. An employee does not lose pay for time off the job for emergency treatment.

The Occupational Health Clinic provides treatment and medical advice for on-the-job situations and does not take the place of an employee's family doctor. Clinic personnel will cooperate with the employee's family doctor on such matters as referrals, necessary follow-up treatment and, if indicated, in health matters not directly related to the employee's job.

All health records are confidential. Such records will be maintained at the Occupational Health Clinic.

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