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Development and Planning Policy and Procedure

31.005:  University Communications and Marketing
Media Services

Status:Approved on March 31, 2003Signatures and dates
on archival copy
Effective:September 1, 2002 
Initiated by:Margaret Sheskey
Assistant Vice President for
University Advancement
Reviewed by:Nancy Prichard Crist, Chair
Policy and Procedure Review Committee
Endorsed by:Leonard Raley
Vice President for
University Advancement
Approved by:Stephen Kopp
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  1. Purpose

    This policy is intended to clarify the nature of media services provided by University Communications and Marketing (UCM), a department of University Advancement, and the conditions under which those services are provided.

  2. Policy

    University Communications and Marketing provides media services as part of its mission of promoting and enhancing the message and image of Ohio University.

    It is the responsibility of University Communications and Marketing to work in cooperation with campus constituents and clients to assure consistency of institutional message and graphic identity.

    1. Services

      University Communications and Marketing offers a wide spectrum of electronic communication services, including:

      1. News

        University Communications and Marketing ensures that Ohio University institutional policies, positions and responses are accurately and effectively communicated through interviews, news releases and news conferences (see Policy 31.001, "News Media Relations").

      2. Publications

        University Communications and Marketing assists in preparation and publication of University materials as well as all newsletters and periodicals. In addition, the Office of Publications maintains editorial style and graphic standards, including the use of the University logo and seal, for all publications (see Policy 31.010, "Publication of Periodicals Distributed to Off-Campus Audiences").

      3. Electronic

        University Communications and Marketing offers a wide spectrum of electronic communications services including:

        1. script to screen video production (on a cost-recovery basis);

        2. Web site design, including graphical and navigation issues (on a cost-recovery basis);

        3. satellite communications, including transmissions and downlinks (on a cost-recovery basis for satellite time only);

        4. production of the Ohio Sports Network broadcasts of Bobcat athletics.

    2. Projects

      UCM projects include, but are not limited to, promotional and special purpose productions, CD-ROMs, websites, uplinks, and programming for internal and external audiences.

  3. Procedures

    1. Satellite Truck Booking

      The Ohio University Foundation has acquired a state-of-the-art satellite truck to allow for the uplink and downlink of news and educational materials.

      Upon receipt of an inquiry from an outside client, the satellite coordinator will immediately check upon the availability of the truck. If already confirmed for another client, either on- or off-campus, the inquiry will be met with either a suggestion of alternate dates, if appropriate, or a negative response.

      Should the date of interest to the outside client be open, the satellite coordinator will immediately route the request to the Executive Director of Communications and Marketing to determine as rapidly as possible whether there is any conflict with existing or anticipated needs within Ohio University. If, after that review, there are still no internal claims upon the satellite truck, the satellite coordinator may choose to commit that date to the outside client.

      In those rare instances in which the truck has been committed, but pressing university needs suddenly become apparent, necessitating the use of a satellite uplink, the satellite coordinator will first determine if Ohio University's alternate link via microwave to OET could be used instead (for either of the two conflicting uses). Because the satellite truck contracts obligate the provider to offer alternatives or a refund of the value of the agreement to the client, in the event of a cancellation, the coordinator and Executive Director will determine the priority of the internal need before canceling the date for the truck.

    2. Other Projects

      Contact University Communications and Marketing to make arrangements for other projects.

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