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Date Issued:     07/01/87

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Correction of Grade

A grade reported to the Office of Students Records becomes official as soon as it is reported. A permanent grade may be changed only if an error has been made. The only exception is that if the instructor's chairperson, dean, or the Student Grievance Board recommends a change on the basis of evidence presented during the course of a student grievance procedure, the instructor may be permitted (but is not required) to make the recommended change.

In reporting a change of grade (other than "I" or "Pr") to the Office of Student Records, the instructor must present an explanation for the grade change. Copies of the change of grade request will be sent to the instructor, his/her chairperson, and his/her dean by the Office of Student Records.

Appeal of Grade

The instructor assigned to a class has full responsibility for grading, subject to the appeal process described in this section. A student may appeal a grade through the chairperson of the department to the dean of the college, provided that a concerted effort was made by the student to resolve the matter with the instructor. The burden of proof for a grade change is on the student, except in those cases involving charges of academic dishonesty. If the dean concludes that the student has insufficient grounds for an appeal, there can be no further appeal by the student. If the dean concludes that sufficient grounds do exist for an appeal, the dean shall appoint a faculty committee of five members, including the chairperson of the department in question, to consider the case. If a majority on the committee decide that the grade should be changed and the instructor does not accept the recommendation, the committee can authorize the Registrar to change the grade. The decision of the committee is not subject to further appeal. In appeal cases in which the chairperson is the instructor, the dean is authorized to appoint an alternate member from the same department to the committee; if the dean is the instructor, the role of the dean will be assumed by the provost. In those appeal cases involving courses taught by faculty from more than one college, the Dean of University College will review the appeal and, if neces- sary, appoint the appeals committee. If these cases, the appeals committee shall include the additional chairperson(s). In unusual circumstances (e.g., death, incapacity, or indefinite inaccessibility of the instructor), the departmental chairperson is responsible for the final grade, subject to appeal by the student to the dean as described in this section.

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